Admission of National University from 1 October 2015

Admission of honors’ 1st year will be started from 1 October 2015 and class will be started from 1 December. The decision was taken at a meeting of admission committee. The meeting was presided over by Vice-Chancellor of the National University. It was decided in the meeting that National University will admit student without taking […]

They raped, we’ll kill

Women are going to war to respond to rape on women. Women will fight against IS of Seria. They want to reply in blood of bloods. A female brigade and Iyajidi singer named Jet Singali formed the team. They will take revenge of sexual abuse on girls and enslaving them. They aged from 17 to […]

3 lawyers arrested for providing financial assistance to terrorist organization

JRAB arrested 3 lawyers for providing financial assistance to Sohid Hamza Brigade, a terrorist organization. They were arrested in Dhanmondi on Tuesday. The detainees are Suprem Court Lawyer Shakila Farzana, advocate Liton and advocate Bapon. Assistant director of JARB Shohel Mahmud said, the detainees are brought to Chittagong from Dhaka. A press conference will be […]

Legal notice to Prothom Alo for closing creative question

The Supreme Court on behalf of the Human Rights Foundation’s lawyer Syed Kabir Mohidul sent a legal notice to The Daily Prothom Alo to stop publishing especial test preparation for PSC and JSC creative answers question and sample questions. The Daily Prothom Alo was asked to reply within 2 weeks. The Ministry of Education Secretary, […]

Justice can’t be accepted from BSF court

Felani, a Bangladeshi girl was killed shot while crossing the border at Anandapur district in Kurigram on January 7, 2011. Her dead body was hanging for a long time. BSF began initial investigation in own court. BSF court acquitted the accused BSF jawan Amiya Ghosh. The BSF court considers the case after a protest against […]

Nude female student in young lecturer’s, almira

A nude female student was found in the almira of a young professor of Finance and Banking department of Islamic University. Sabira Sultaana Putul was the student if same department. Witness said, Sabira Sultana Putul of Finance and Banking entered into the home of professor Abdul Halim of same department on Tuesday afternoon in front […]

A businessman killed by stopping bus

A businessman named Nurul Islam (35) was killed by shooting at Dhaka-Narayonjong Link Road, Fotulla at 9:30 pm. Nurul Islam (35) was the  son of Hanif Gazi  Fatullah Railway Station area. He has mobile business at  Paribagh Motalib Plaza. The victim’s wife, Sabina Yasmin, said Nurul Islam, was returning home with money in the business. […]

A boy killing by breeze in the stomach, 3 held

A boy was killed by breezing at Tutpara Central Road in Khulna at 10 pm. 3 were arrested. Khulna police officer, Sukumaar Biswas said, quoting witness, Rakib was worked in Mintu’s garage. Suddenly he leaved the job. He was started to work in another garage. Rakib was passing through his previous work spot at about […]

Cops raid Salman Khan’s sister’s party

Police attack in bollywood-actor Salman Khan’s house again for loud music in his sister’s birthday party. The Mumbay police busted a party at the Pali Hill home of Arpita Khan, Salman Khan’s sister, following complaints of loud music from her neighbors. The party was attended by several Bollywood celebrities. Officers at Mumbay police station received […]

Clash for ownership of former enclave of kurigram: injured 5

There was a clash over ownership of land in the former enclaves of Kurigram. 5 people were injured from both parties. When state hoisted national flag in the enclave in Sunday, Obaidulla and others go to fence a land, according to locals. At the same time the people of Siraj group prevent them. At one […]

Model Maria arrested along with 38 young people in Chittagong

38 young women along with a city’s well-known model were arrested at a resident area of Khulshi upazila in Chittagong on charge of including anti-social activities on Friday from 9 am to 10 pm. 30 youths and 8 young women of them. The Khulshi Thana Police conduct operation based on the information that there was […]

What said Memon before death!

Menon repeatedly claimed himself innocent.  But before death he said, he has got the penalty of his brother’s sin. He also said, his brother was involved in the . A few hours before death of Menon did not believe that he was going to be hanged. He expected, President will be granted his mercy petition. […]

Powerful earthquake like nuclear bomb in Australia

Two powerful earthquakes like nuclear bomb struck in Australia’s Queensland. The earthquake had 5.7 magnitudes and 5.2 magnitudes respectively. The earthquake struck at 1.38 am. According to Australia’s geology, both earthquakes total energy are equal to a nuclear bomb. The place of earthquake was 200 km from Brisbane. As the place was deserted, there were […]

Formalities of Chitmohal’s festival starts

Ceremony of the festival has been started through a special prayer in Mosque-temple. A uniform celebration has been started from today afternoon at 2 pm in Kurigram at Dariyachora along with 111 chitmohals. Tide of joy of Chitmohal is overflowed. Boat race, discussion and cultural programs are organized in afternoon. Tajul Islam Chowdhury MP of […]