100 maunds of Jatka recovered yesterday

Yesterday was the 4th day of the Hilsa Fry (Jatka) Preservation week. And within the 1st three days of the week 165 maunds (approximately 37.5 kg) of Jatka were seized by the coastguard members.

Yesterday the coastguard members seized 100 maunds of Jatka from two passenger trawlers in the Dhaleshwary River.

However, no body was arrested in this regard.

Later the recovered Jatka were sold an auction.

Fearlier they recovered 30 maunds of Jatka from around Kathpatti area on Tuesday.

These were sold at an auction for Tk 82 thousand.

It is very important to conserve these Jatka as these will grow to be large hilsa fish. This is analogous to the fact that if the government do not nurture small industries and do not allow them to survive there will be no big industries from these small industries.

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