Bangladesh warns of cyber attack on August 15

12 organizations seek advice from BGD e-Gov CIRT after cyber attack alert

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BGD e-Governance CIRT project director Mohd Saiful Alam Khan told Prothom Alo on Sunday that the warning has been issued so that the concerned people can take security in their respective areas and take necessary steps. Since the warning, 12 organizations have asked him what they should and can do about cyber security.

According to sources in security experts, the hacker group carried out ‘DDoS’ attacks on the websites of various organizations in the country and kept the sites ‘down’. A DDos (Distributed Denial of Service) attack is the act of sending ‘traffic’ (usage) to a website through multiple devices in order to slow or down the site.

In case of any such attack, the concerned site cannot be reached. The source further said, on Saturday, the sites of four government organizations were down for some time.

Saiful Alam Khan said that this hacker group is continuously attacking DDos. On Friday and Saturday, they attacked the websites of some companies in the country. He further said that the country of the hackers has been identified, but efforts are on to ascertain their IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and who they are.

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