12th Jatiya Sangh Elections: Mamun Ahmed's analysis on the new government and post-poll politics in Bangladesh

12th Jatiya Sangh Elections: Mamun Ahmed’s analysis on the new government and post-poll politics in Bangladesh

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prothom hello ,

The government has finally conducted the elections. How would you evaluate this election?

Mamun Ahmed: It wasn’t really a meaningful election because it was a hypothetical election. The people whom the government wanted to win won the elections. Those who did not want could not win. This was a one-sided election. All the candidates belonged to almost the same political camp. There was competition among themselves, sometimes there was no competition at all. The statements of those who lost show that this was a government controlled election.

Second, the election process was flawed from the beginning. There was a complete lack of transparency. That is why some people call it ridiculous election and some call it dummy election. The kind of elections required for a Parliament representing the people did not take place. A total of 63 registered and unregistered parties, including the main opposition BNP, did not participate in this election. Actually it is not that he did not participate in the elections. He did not take part in this election farce. The election was suspicious from the very beginning and that is why he called on the people to boycott it. People’s response reflects that demand. This is evident in the voting percentage.

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