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12th Parliamentary Elections: Challenges and strategies to increase voting percentage

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The rising voter turnout in the 12th parliamentary election is a major concern for the ruling Awami League (AL) as the BNP and opposition parties are boycotting the elections.

The ruling party wants more than 50 percent voting and has decided on some strategies to ensure this. But it remains to be seen how successful the ruling party’s plan to increase the voting percentage will be.

The 12th general election will begin at 8 am on Sunday, January 7 and will continue till 4 pm. Awami League’s main rival BNP and several other parties are boycotting the elections. He had run a mass campaign for 10 days across the country and appealed to the voters not to go to the polling stations. BNP has imposed a strike on the day of voting.

Given the situation, voter turnout remains a matter of concern. Moreover, big cities like Dhaka and Chattogram usually have low turnout and many voters may have gone to village homes during the three-day holidays.

BNP boycotted the tenth parliamentary election in 2014. The Election Commission (EC) said that 40 percent of the votes were cast in that election. Although all registered parties, including the BNP, participated in the elections for the 11th Parliament in 2018, the elections were marred by widespread allegations. According to the Election Commission, there was 80 percent voting in the elections.

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