13,000 yaba tablets seized at Dhanmondi

yabaA parcel was sent to Harun Or Rashid of Dhanmondi from Cox’s Bazar by Sundarban courier service.  He was arrested there today and thirteen thousand yaba tablets were found in that parcel.

He is being interrogated by RAB official to unearth details. Operation against yaba by law enforcing agencies has intensified after the killing of police inspector and his wife. It is alleged that they were murdered by their teenage daughter who was a yaba addict.

Methamphetamine is the main ingredient of yaba tablet. It was originally made for soldiers to suppress the feeling of hunger and to keep them active in war time when enough supply is not available and intense fighting is going on.

Later it was found that yaba has addiction property. Illegal production started for the addicts. This drug is relatively expensive and yaba production became lucrative business.

Yaba is not produced in Bangladesh but Burma made yaba is trafficked here.

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