1st Dhaka International Theatre Fest by ITI, Bangladesh Kicks Off

1st Dhaka International Theatre Fest’, organized by Bangladesh Centre of the International Theatre Institute (ITI), non-stop during the National Theatre Hall of Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA) upon May 21. Ramundu Majumdar, the President (worldwide) of ITI rigourously inaugurated the 10-day programme, whilst Information as great as Cultural Minister Abul Kalam Azad was benefaction as the arch guest. Also benefaction as special guest were Director General of BSA, Liakat Ali Lucky as great as Secretary General of Bangladesh Group Theatre Federation (BGTF), Jhuna Chowdhury.

In his message, Ramendu Majumdar welcomed the participating party groups from Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Singapore as great as Hong Kong. “Because of the assorted stability initiatives identical to organising seminars, festivals, workshops as great as upon tip of all, bringing out publications, Bangladesh ITI enjoys the prestigious upon all sides in between the ITI member-countries,” he said.

The primary eventuality of the programme was followed by the party of the Manipuri Theatre production, “Kohe Birangana”. Shuvashis Sinha has created as great as destined the fool around formed upon Michael Madhusudan Dutt’s “Birangana Kabyo”. The fool around can additionally be seen as the playwright’s reply to Madhusudan Dutt’s epic.

Madhusudan’s “Birangana Kabyo” facilities the anguish of womanlike characters from the epic “Mahabharat”. “Birangana Kabyo” has eleven verses, from which Shuvashis blending 4 for his play. The fool around facilities stories of Shakuntala, Draupadi, Dushala as great as Jona.

The fool around is the comment of letters created by these 4 characters to their particular husbands, starting with Shakuntala, who writes the relocating notation to her father Dushyanta, who has deserted her.

Where Shuvashis highlights the pique of being secluded by Shakuntala, he tries to etch the distressing lady as he narrates the story of Draupadi. In her notation to Arjun, Draupadi unleashes possessiveness as great as rage, as she is wakeful which Arjun is indulging in pleasures since she has been subjected to the hold up of difficulties.

The assembly sees the scold as great as politically wakeful lady in Dushala, who writes to her father Jayadratha. Jayadratha has turn Arjun’s counter by murdering the latter’s son Abhimanyu. Arjun wants to take revenge. When Duhshala learns of this, she writes the notation to Jayadratha, revelation him which he finished the inapplicable designation by murdering Abhimanyu.

The final movement of the fool around facilities Jona’s notation to her father Neeldhaja. After Arjun killed his son, Neeldhaja signs the assent settle instead of avenging the death. A bereaved Dushala writes the notation rebuking her husband’s ostensible cowardice.

Shuvashis has created the fool around in the musical form great great known as “poyar”.

Jyoti Sinha played the 4 characters. It is the difficult movement for any actor to conform 4 vital great read characters in the singular prolongation with ease. Jyoti finished the in truth worthy bid to strech the culmination of the characters’ emotions.

Compared to “Kohe Birangana”, Buds Theatre Company’s (Singapore) prolongation “Shades” seemed rsther than run of the mill. The fool around is the elementary adore story with argumentative undertones formed upon informative as great as eremite identities.

The fool around attempted to uncover the contrariety in between eremite dogmas as great as the inauspicious stroke of globalisation upon the people in Singapore.

The legal legal holiday facilities twenty-five plays during the National, Experimental, as great as Studio party halls during 7pm everyday.

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