2,000MW more power this year

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Last year the government signed dozens of deals for generating around 3,000 megawatt of power, this year it aims at making another record: adding more than 2000MW electricity to the national grid.

If successful, this would increase Bangladesh’s power generation capacity by nearly 50 percent. While this would significantly reduce the ongoing power crisis, there would still be some shortfall.

Thus if all goes well, the level of load shedding would be strikingly low by the end of this year.

Plus, this additional power generation would not put any pressure on the natural gas supply as most of the new power plants will operate on fuel oil.

Gas has been the main source of power generation till now, and its crisis has affected power generation.

Of rental power projects, a few have already launched operations while several have failed to meet deadlines.

These initiatives will however increase oil import cost.

All concerned like BPC, PDB etc. are increasing their capacity for storing oil.

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