First Digital Bangladesh Summit completed

First Digital Bangladesh Summit completed successfully at Dhaka Bongobondhu International Conference Center. President Zillur Rahman, Information Minister Abul Kalam Azad and Garments and jute minister Abdul Latif was present at the opening ceremony of the summit.

Bangladeshi Poem on Deceptive girls

One sort of girls in Dhaka is now becoming a deceptive. The young people are now being changed dramatically with their lifestyle and behavior.NOWRIN SULTANA  made a Bengali poem over these deceptive girls.

Dr Greg Clark met journalists of Dhaka

MP and Shadow Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, Conservative Member of Parliament, UK Dr Greg Clark met journalists of Dhaka based newspapers and media in an informal session of discussion over the grim effect of climate change and the activities undertaken to cope with the issue.

Bangladeshi sex business & laws

Any woman aged over 18 years old can join with sex business with some conditions. Sex business for below 18 years old girl is totally illegal. But a lot of below 18 years old girls are related with this business. The sex business for any man is illegal. That means no male can be a […]

Notre Dem College become Champion

Notre Dem College has become the champion in the debate competion of Digital ICT fair at Dhaka. The topic was, ‘Information technology would become the weapon to protect the corruption’. The program was chaired by the ECS computer City president Taufiq Ehsan. The Director General of Bangladesh mass media institute Moqbul Ahmed was present as […]

Digital ICT Fair 09’ getting crowded at Dhaka

Digital ICT fair is becoming more and more crowded at Dhaka ECS Computer City as the day progresses. The President of Multiplan Centre Taufiq Ehsan told Dhaka news that, “the fair is progressing in a proper way.