Thirty First Night in Dhaka

Thirty first Nights in Dhaka is observed with a much protected atmosphere by the security forces every year. The police, RAB and other security forces are also effective to protect any kind of uneven activities like drinking alcohol in open places and reckless driving in the city. The drugs controlling bodies in Bangladesh is also […]

Sexual matter is getting complex day by day in Bangladesh

Sexual matter in Bangladesh is a very complex subject. It is always a very confidential issue for all kind of person. It is okay when there is some similar type of people talking with one another. Suppose, five boys of class ten talking then it is okay. But they can’t talk about this matter when […]

Christ Mass Day in Dhaka observed colorfully

Merry Christ mass day celebrated with due respect and honor in Dhaka. It has been observed with a befitting manner as like as the Christian countries. The people from all religion observed this day altogether and enjoyed. In Bangladesh, many non-Christians also observe this day by wishing friends, decorating Christ Mass Tree and exchanging greeting […]

Christ Mass Day in Dhaka……

Dhaka is ready to observe Marry Christ mass day with due respect and honor. It is observed with a befitting manner as like as the Christian countries in Bangladesh. The people from all religion observe this day altogether and enjoy. In Bangladesh, many non-Christians also observe this day by wishing friends, decorating Christ Mass Tree […]

Super Hero-Super Heroine are ready for film now!

NTV-Fair & Lovely Super hero and super heroine are now at the attraction of the producers of Bangladeshi film industries. Niloy has become the super hero and Mimo has become the super heroine in the recently finished film star competition. Producers are interested to the top six of the competition to make good film. Popular […]

Bangladesh Postal Department launching automation project

Bangladesh Post Office (BPO) has undertaken a historical automation project with an aim to render reasonable and worth services to the general people making the whole easier, faster and cheaper with the boon of information technology. A contract has been signed in this regard on Tuesday between Bangladesh Post Office and Synesis IT Limited to […]

Panda Security Starts journey at Dhaka

Panda Security announced the appointment of the ICT Company, TOTALOFFTEC, as their authorized exclusive distributor for antivirus and security products in Bangladesh. The agreement between the two companies addresses a significant new dimension to total off Tec’s vast product and services portfolio.  Both the high official expresses their view of security products for rapid growing […]

Bangladesh facing against India today

Bangladesh will face India tonight in the Semi final of SAFF football 2009 tournament. Bangladeshi strikers Amily and Enamul are very keen to beat India to go through to final. Bangladesh qualified for semifinal as a group champion of B group. Other way, India has been qualified as a group runner up. India is not […]

Gymnasium at Dhaka

Gymnasium has become a new culture in the Dhaka city. It has given a new opportunity for the Bangladeshi young people to take care their health. A big number of gymnasiums have been set up in Dhaka city. Here are some of the addresses of those gyms. Sports Zone 5 Mohakhali, Dhaka Life plus fitness […]

Digital Bengali Name

Someone from Bangladesh has created some funny digital name and published it in facebook. We are publishing those name for the entertainment of our readers. These Digital Bengali names are just for fun. do not take it seriously.

Historical places of Dhaka

Dhaka is a city which has 400 years of age and a lot of history behind it. Different types of culture and heritage mixed up here to develop this city. Therefore, Dhaka city inherited a lot of historical places time to time. Here we have tried to present some of those historical places which have […]