Eye for eye

We know about the tragic incident of Dhaka University teacher Rumana, who was a victim of domestic violence by her husband, and lost her both eyes. We don’t know what will be the punishment of the culprit. What should be his punishment? Blood for blood, eye for eye? A court in Iran approved this eye […]

Ramadan vacation of school starts from the 4th August.

Schools and colleges have been known as a vacation department, because these institutions enjoy frequent vacation on various occasions. Many educationalists blames this frequent and many cases long vacations for the falling of our education standards. Many also oppose Ramadan vacation. Few years ago it was government policy to shorten Ramadan vacation, but it seems […]

Rising house rent protested. Part-II

Part-II Tenants of old Dhaka organized a procession yesterday protesting recent rise in house rent, I tried to know in detail what the real problem is. In many cases lower and middle income people have to spend more than half of their monthly income for their house rent. There is another interesting analysis, lower income […]

Rising house rent protested. Part-I

Part-I Tenants of old Dhaka organized a procession yesterday protesting recent rise in house rent, I tried to know in detail what the real problem is. After the liberation in 1971 almost all government and commercial activities are centralized in Dhaka. Still people do not have enough works in other cities and towns of the […]

“Udoy” Robi’s latest postpaid package.

Robi Axiata Ltd. yesterday officially launched a new post paid package “Udoy” which the company claims a customized solution for enterprise and individuals. Its subscribers will enjoy one second pulse, 10 fnf numbers to any operators, 1tk per min call rate throughout the day and it will have no line rent. New users will enjoy […]

We have to wait for local laptops.

On 7th July, Post and telecommunications minister Rajiuddin Ahmed said in parliament that local laptops will be available in the market by the end of this month. Earlier government said it will be available on June. June gone, July is almost gone, but we have to wait more. Ruling party promised to make a Digital […]

Elevated expressway land acquisition row.

Elevated expressway is itself a controversial project and now a new dimension is added. Prime minister Sheikh Hasina pledged that this expressway project will not harm people and authorities have been saying that they will build this project on governments land; they will try to minimize the requirement of private land acquisition. But now residents […]

Some positives for Bangladesh.

Bangladesh had the chance to play in the final round of the Asian world cup pre qualifier for the first time, where only top 20 Asian teams will play. That didn’t happen. Lebanon was behind Bangladesh in FIFA ranking, Bangladesh dreamt to beat this war-torn nation. But there is something to cheer; Bangladesh may be […]

Close Up one singer Abid died

Young singer Abid has been killed in an accident in Cox’s Bazar yesterday. Abid is known as a “Close Up one superstar”. He went cox’s Bazar with a 40 member team of Matra advertising. At 6 pm (yesterday), 7/8 members of that team was playing cricket in Cox’s Bazar sea beach. Suddenly the ball went […]

Politicization is Destroying Dhaka College.

Dhaka College is one of the earliest educational institutes in this region which was established even before Dhaka University. Once it was also considered as a prestigious institution, many of our intellectuals are from this college. But those glorious days are gone. In terms of HSC result this college the falling behind. Last year this […]

How to starting place Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 Android Phone

Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 is an alternative to Samsung Galaxy S which is recently upgraded to Android2.3.2, Android2.2.1 and many others. One of the generally ordinary advantages of rooting your device is with the intention of lone can capture screenshots straightforwardly. Preparing to starting place Samsung Galaxy Ace Before rooting you be inflicted with to […]

Great quotes from Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln was a great President of the United States. He was known as the Great Emancipator. His capabilities in leadership and his politics have given new momentum to the history of mankind. His quotes are very precious and noteworthy. One should go through Abraham Lincoln quotes. His philosophy and ideology may encourage you in […]

Towing service when you need

If you ever need towing service in Atlanta you can rely on Towing Atlanta. There may be a time when you need a towing service and you can get friendly, professional 24-hour service from Towing Services Atlanta. Towing Services Atlanta also has a garage with flat beds, wheel lifts and medium duty trucks can tow […]

‘Concert of Bangladesh’ goes online for Africa (freely available till 1st August)

Beatles guitarist George Harrison’s historic benefit concert ‘Concert of Bangladesh’ is now available online. All proceeds after taxes will go to George Harrison found UNICEF which is formed to benefit drought and famine stricken regions in the Horns of Africa. In the United States people can also donate $ 10 by sending SMS text message. […]