Youngest computer expert in the world from Bangladesh

Wasik Farhan-Roopkotha is a six year old boy from Bangladesh. He is hoping to see his name on Guinness Book of World Records. The Guinness World Records authority has advised his family to apply via website. Wasik Farhan-Roopkotha started using computer when he was only seven months old. Just after two he started playing many […]

It was TV and mobile phone not paper

A firm of Chittagong Export Processing Zone (CEPZ), H U Accessories imported their goods in two containers. According to their statement these two containers were supposed to have seven hundred and ninety carton of sticker making adhesive papers. But on checking physically Chittagong port customs officials found that H U Accessories imported Malaysian made Sharp […]

Sleep is must at the night before exam

We need to read before any exam. But how much we should read? Meany of us read the whole day and even till to the late night before the exam. Students fear that they will forget what they have learned, so they the revise those again and again. Now some researchers in India are saying […]

Indian films do not give the true picture

Bollywood based Indian film industry is the largest in the Indian subcontinent. Indian films are also very popular in many countries outside India. But there was always a question that whether these highly commercialized Indian films reflect true India. These films are full of song and dance by some popular artists. The story is also […]

Ranatunga fired from Sri Lanka Cricket

Any cricketer will say test cricket is the real cricket. If one wants to see the beauty of cricket, he should watch test cricket. Cricket is known as gentleman’s game. But it seems situation is changing so quickly. Test cricket demands patience from spectators and players both. On the other hand one day cricket is […]

Women in Bangladesh Army

Participation of women in army, navy and air force is little controversial issue all over the world. Many critics say, women are not competent enough for this kind of job. They will be an easier target for the enemy in the battle. But the most accepted opinion is women should be allowed to participate like […]

National Zoo of Bangladesh facing challenges

CHISTY RAHIM from Dhaka: The entrance ticket of the national zoo of Bangladesh costs only tk.10/entrants. So that explained why the zoo was quiet crowded when I paid it a visit last Wednesday. It was rousing to see so many people paying a visit at the national zoo though, but then again, when you take […]

That pilot is back

Flight cadet Rashedul was brought back to Dhaka from India yesterday. An Indian Air Force aircraft flew him back. Cadet Rashedul took off with a training aircraft from Jeessore air base. It was his first flying without a trainer. But he was confused by bad weather. Control tower lost him. More jets took off to […]

Shwanpo sales parson stolen money using customer’s credit card

Shwanpno is one of the largest chain super shops of the country. Two of its sales person Shahed (22) and Khalil (26) used one of its customer’s credit card to buy two laptops online. They spent one lakh and thirty three thousand taka to buy those. The regarding bank Standard Chartered Bank informed this to […]

Those 11,573 BCS applicants will be allowed to sit for exam

The Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) introduced online form fill up system in the 33rd BCS exam for the first time this year. 7th April was the deadline. At the ending days there were some technical faults. So many people tried to fill up online form, which congested the network. 11,573 applicants filled up their […]

Sagar-Runi’s bodies to be exhumed for second autopsy

Few days ago the high court expressed its dissatisfaction over the investigation on Sagar-Runi’s murder conducted by the police. Home minister promised to find out the culprits within 48 hours. But more than two months have passed noting fruitful was done by the police. Apparently most experienced, well equipped and trained investigating section of police […]

Provision of whitening black money may be retained

Illegally earned or undisclosed money for which tax are not paid is called black money.  No one knows about the size of black money in Bangladesh’s economy. But economists believe it may equal to regular legal economy. The ruling AL promised to curb corruption in their election manifesto before the election. But after taking the […]

Meaning of the word ‘sexy’

It is said that, dictionary always does not have the actual meaning of words, it is found among users, and how they use it. The word sexy means appealing or something that arouses. But in India National Commission for Women (NCW) Chairperson Mamta Sharma says, the meaning of the word ‘sexy’ has changed. Now it […]

Fire on Buses

At least six buses were set fire in different parts of the capital yesterday. A bus driver was burnt alive at Khilgaon when some unidentified criminals set fire on a bus parked there. The bus driver and his helper were sleeping inside the bus. The helper managed to escape but the driver didn’t. The helper […]

Media is gripped by the businessmen

Media is gripped by the businessmen; this concern was expressed by some experts in a workshop organized in Dhaka. Media is the eye of the people. Media played an important role in the Pakistan era; they informed the East Pakistanis how they are deprived. Perhaps without media it would not be possible. At that time […]