An outspoken spokesman lost

Prof Muzaffer Ahmad was the pioneer of anti corruption movement in Bangladesh. He was the founder chairman of transparency international Bangladesh. He was disliked by many politicians for his fearless speaking. Prof Muzaffer Ahmad was considered as one of the few intellectuals without political allegiance in this highly politicized society. In a statement TIB expressed […]

BAF to buy four cargo aircrafts

BAF is using C-130 cargo aircraft, which is relatively older in this time of modern warfare. Not only for war, any air force’s cargo fleet is essential to conduct humanitarian operations. Now Bangladesh is the largest contributor in the UN peace keeping mission. So modernization of Bangladesh Air Force is much needed. The US has […]

Shahara group to invest in Bangladesh

According to the wiki leaks leaked documents, Indian high commissioner in Bangladesh expressed his satisfaction to the US ambassador in Dhaka after getting election result, where the AL won. The Indian high commissioner hoped that now the Indian companies and business groups will be able to invest in Bangladesh. The TATA group tried to invest […]

Bangladesh seeking Dutch assistance for river dredging

Bangladesh is a land of rivers. The country is crisscrossed by more than three hundred rivers. River communication was the main communication in the past. Still river is preferred for low cost; moreover it is relatively eco-friendly.   River communication takes time but its maintenance cost is much less than the highways.   But today’s […]

More than three lakh liters of furnace oil seized

Furnace oil is residue of crude oil; it’s nearly semi solid or viscous oil. Many industry uses furnace oil as fuel. The state owned agency Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation imports all fuel oils including furnace oil. They sell furnace oil in the local market with 12 to 13 taka subsidy in a bid to help local […]

Nishat Majumder becomes the first Bangladeshi woman to conquer Everest

Nishat Majumder has conquered Mount Everest yesterday and in the process she becomes the first woman to conquer Mount Everest. She and her brother Mohit jointly conquered the Everest. 31 years old Nishat Majumder is an accountant and works for Dhaka WASA, earlier she conquered other three Himalayan peaks higher than 6,000 meters. Other Bangladeshi […]

Border guards beaten by smugglers

It was Friday in the border area of Hatibandha upazila of northern district Lalmonirhat where BGB (Border Guard Bangladesh) members were patrolling. They challenged a motorcycle carrying a sack, the man driving the motorcycle fled. Actually that man was carrying about 20 kgs of hemp. Later about 18 to 20 people led by local Union […]

Sexting, a new problem in the society

Sexting is relatively a new term. Sexting means sending sexually explicit photo, text message or e-mail. Bullying or eve teasing is much more discussed issue in the society. But now in many cases teenage girls are increasingly under pressure from their peers not from strangers or adults. A joint study by King’s College, London; the […]

Train derailed in Ishwardi

Ishwardi is a Upazila of northern district Pabna. Ishwardi railway junction is one of the oldest in Bangladesh. Some decades ago Ishwardi rail junction was a busy one. Still this junction plays an important role in railway’s west zone. A Joydevpur bound train was derailed at about 6 am yesterday. Primary investigation suggests that some […]

Vulgar in Bangladeshi films

Many prominent actresses of Bangladeshi films are alleged of obscenity. But those actresses deny these allegations. In their words those were not themselves, those were dummies. The families of those actresses are embarrassed and furious over the role of directors and producers. Mother of an actress said she had a dream that her daughter will […]

Online tax payment from 26th May

Any government needs revenue to run and take development projects for citizens. Tax is an important factor here. There are many people who want to pay tax but they do not. Because, the official process of paying tax is not an easy one. Many corrupt officials take this advantage. The NBR (National Board of Revenue) […]

High court asks Humayun Ahmed to correct his latest novel

Popular writer Humayun Ahmed is going under cancer treatment in the United States. Now he is in Bangladesh for few days. He is continuing his writing in this situation also. He has written a new novel Deyal (Wall), which is due to be published soon. Few days ago a Bangla daily Prothom Alo published some […]

STBL brought 3D monitor in Bangladesh

Smart Technologies BD Limited (STBL) has brought Samsung 3D LED Monitor in Bangladesh recently. Primarily two models of 3D Monitor are available. Those are S23A950D and S27A950D which are 23” and 27” in size consecutively. These high definition monitors feature 1920 X 1080 resolutions. An original 3D glass is given free with every 3D monitor. […]

RMG workers violence continues for second day

Readymade garments sector is the top export product of Bangladesh. This RGM sector also plays an important role in earning foreign exchange. But working condition has always been a concern; there is a long history of labor movement for higher wages and better facilities. The factory owners always argue that they can’t do more in […]

Military cooperation between Dhaka and Washington

The Bangladesh army is bigger than the UK army. But Bangladesh army doesn’t have modern equipments like the UK army. Most of the equipments are backdated and not effective in the modern battle. Now the Bangladesh army is trying to modernize its equipments by importing and making weapons locally. The US government is considering this […]