Tougher laws to control baby food

August 1 to August 7 will be observed as world breast feeding week. On the eve of the week state minister for health and family welfare said, his government is working to enact a new law to replace 1984 ordinance in a bid to control the overwhelming infant food advertisement on print and electronic media. […]

Why Operation Clean Heart indemnity will not be declared illegal?

“Why Operation Clean Heart indemnity will not be declared illegal?” the High Court has issued a rule to the respective authorities. Operation clean heart was conducted from October 2002 to January 2003, when law and order situation in Bangladesh was deteriorated and the government was immense pressure regarding this. The government said police are failing […]

Mobile phone bomb

Yes a mobile phone can be turned into a bomb. It’s not faulty lithium ion battery. Explosive material can be inserted into a mobile phone and that can be detonated simply by a phone call. That means this type of bomb can be activated from a long distance also. Apparently Mashiur Rahman who made this […]

India decides to follow Israel

Separation of India in 1947 is a chapter of great sorrow for many families in South Asia. This separation got support from many leaders, especially from Muslim leaders. They thought it was obvious after bitter communal riot between Hindu and Muslims. Many Indian politicians blame Muslim leaders for the separation. The border between India and […]

Janata Bank recruitment exam question leaked?

Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) detained 16 people from a hotel in the capital for their alleged involvement in leaking question of Janata Bank recruitment exam. RAB seized some handwritten copies also. But it is yet to confirm that whether those are real or fake. The chief co-coordinator of the exam has claimed that the process […]

High Court asks details on house rent controllers

Everything is centralized to the capital Dhaka in Bangladesh. The house owners used this as an opportunity to raise house rent arbitrarily. Many experts blame rising house rent as one of the major cause of corruption. Because servicemen are forced to earn more. There are many people in Dhaka who do not do anything. They […]

Human right commission has only tongue, but no teeth

Human right situation in Bangladesh has always been a concern. The government repeatedly violated human right in many sectors. Especially poor people were the worst victim as they can’t afford to take legal action against the perpetrators. Even many prominent citizens have been victim of human rights violation. Recent report by Amnesty International also condemned […]

School girl cheated by boyfriend

A school girl of only class eight from Gopalganj is totally cheated by her boyfriend. A love affair was grown between that girl and a man over mobile phone. They regularly talked over phone and shared their feelings. But that girl didn’t know much about that man. At one stage that man asked the girl […]

Dhaka University admission test dates finalized

Deans committee of Dhaka University has finalized the honours admission test dates for the academic year 2012-2013. This was decided from a meeting yesterday. According to their decision, admission test of Ka unit will be held on 12th October, admission test of Kha unit will be held on 19th October, admission test of Ga unit […]

Iftar culture of Dhaka

Dhaka, specially old Dhaka has a long tradition of delicious Iftar items. Chawkbazar is synonymous to Iftar market of Dhaka. It has a long tradition, during the holy month of Ramadan residents of Dhaka swarm to the Chawkbazar Iftar market. As if this is the only one Iftar market in Dhaka. Many delicious Iftar items […]

Woman gives birth of five babies in Bangladesh

When a woman carries more than one fetus and gives birth of more than one baby that is called multiple birth. It’s common in many species, but rare in human. There are some instances of twins and triplets. Especially in the case of test tube baby it’s so common. But giving birth of more than […]

Bangladesh to get 500MW electricity from India on next July

Bangladesh and Indian government signed a memorandum of understanding in2010 to meet the growing need of electricity in Bangladesh. Present AL lead government came to power by pledging to solve the severe power crisis. They concentrated on expensive diesel powered quick rental power plants. Now these power plants have become a burden on the economy. […]

DMP takes special measure on eve of Ramadan

Ramadan is the holy month for the Muslims. According to their faith, praying is much more important in this month than other months of the year. Fasting is also a part of praying. At the end of this month Holy Eid-ul-Fitr is celebrated. This is the biggest Muslim festival. So markets and shopping malls are […]

Humayun Ahmed is still unconscious

Prominent writer Humayun Ahmed is still in coma after second surgery in Bellevue Hospital New York. He is in the intensive care unit of the hospital. Doctors are saying he is infected by an unknown virus which has spread through his full body. The doctors have failed to detect the virus. Humayun Ahmed went to […]