Khulna an AIDS prone district of Bangladesh

Number of HIV infected people in Bangladesh is low compared to other countries of the region. But southern district Khulna is facing some challenges. Neighboring India has relative higher HIV infection rate and this has contributed in the increment of AIDS patients. Moreover number of sex worker, homosexuals and drug addict have increased in recent […]

Two new vessels for inland water transportation

A Bangladeshi shipyard Western Marine Shipyard will build two large water vessels for inland water transportation of the country. Each vessel will have the capacity to carry seven hundred and fifty passengers and will have speed of twelve nautical miles per hour. Twenty nine crore taka will be needed to build each vessel. The shipyard […]

Removal of BGMEA building demanded

Removal of BGMEA building demanded Bangladesh Garments Manufacturers and Exporters Association (BGMEA) building is built in an area which is supposed to be reserved low land area. This building is built on Bagunbari canal of Hatirjhil area and this is making problem for Hatirjhil project. The high court has ordered to remove the building from […]

One arrested and 40 live turtles rescued

Farid Ahmed of 40 was arrested from Narayanganj fish port for involvement with illegal turtle trade. Forty live turtle of flat-shell, Assamrup turtle and soft-shell turtle species was recovered from him. Two hundred turtle shell and five kilograms of dried fat was also recovered from him. Wild life control unit of forest department conducted the […]

BUET admission seekers are advised to go early

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET) is the largest and most famous educational institute for technical and engineering education in Bangladesh. After passing the higher secondary certificate examination cream students sit for the BUET admission test. This year’s admission test will be held tomorrow. But coincidently diamond anniversary celebration of Dhaka University almuni association […]

Nafis rejects allegations against him

Bangladeshi citizen Quazi Mohammad Rezwanul Ahsan Nafis was arrested in last October by controversial sting operation of FBI. The allegation was, he tried to blow up Federal Reserve Bank in New York. US intelligence agents disguised themselves as extremist and provided insert explosive to Nafis. Nafis tried to blow up Federal Reserve Bank with this […]

Laptop may harm your marital life

Laptop computer and tablet computer is most used in bed. A recent survey conducted on one thousand people in United Kingdom says, one in every three users use their laptop computer or tablet computer on bed. This trend is also true in United States. More and more people are using computers on bed. Eighty percent […]

BCS digital expo at Chittagong

A five day long fair titled BCS Digital Expo has started in port city Chittagong today. Chittagong city corporation mayor Manjur Alam inaugurated the fair at CJKS gymnasium of Chittagong MA Aziz stadium. This fair will continue from 10 am to 8 pm everyday and end on 2nd December. Twenty six commercial organizations including renowned […]

Ayub Bachchu is sick

Musician Ayub Bachchu is admitted to a private hospital of the capital for his sudden sickness. He is kept in coronary care unit of the hospital where he is under supervision of cardiologist Abdullah Al Jamil.  Dr. Jamil said Ayub Bachchu is suffering from some respiratory problems also. Though he is feeling better Ayub Bachchu […]

Terminal adjacent to Bangladesh border ignoring international law

Indian authority is building a new export – import terminal in Petrapole which is adjacent to Bangladesh border. According to international law, a minimum distance should be maintained. Indian authority is also building an electric crematorium at Laxmipur zero point. Bangladesh border guards are not happy with this. A five member border guard delegation has […]

Refuel station closed by BSTI for irregularities

A team of Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institute (BSTI) has visited some refuel stations of Chittagong city in recent days.   It is reported that, the team found dispensing units in most of the refuel stations were ok. But today they have found one refuel station has tempered their dispensing units. That means the unit’s display […]

Destiny properties to be confiscated

A multilevel marketing company Destiny 2000 managed to attract many people in Bangladesh. They collected huge amount of money from common people luring abnormal profit against their investment. As it was a multilevel marketing company its members were asked to bring more people so that they can profit from membership. Destiny marketed some peculiar products […]

Are you afraid of robots?

Are you afraid of robots? Perhaps the answer is no. We want to use robots for our convenience, robots are like donkey, and they will obey all of our orders. But perhaps you have already watched some science fiction films like Terminator, where robots try to take control of the world. It may be a […]

Glamorous tutors

If one want to become a successful model, actor or actress he or she must have glamour. But if one wants to succeed in teaching, does he need glamour? The answer is becoming more and more positive now. In Hon Kong young teachers both male and female need to be glamorous to attract students. Many […]

Finally an underpass for Shahbag crossing

Shahbag crossing is a busy junction of Dhaka city. BIRDEM general hospital, BSMMU hospital, National Museum all are situated here. This crossing is also used by the students of Dhaka University, BUET, and Dhaka Medical College. It was a long standing demand from the students to construct something for road crossing. Many students have died […]