SIM card on sale without proper document

As per BTRC (Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission) directive issued on September 2012, retailers can’t sale pre activated SIM (Subscriber Identification Module) card with proper documents like National ID card and photograph, then mobile phone operators have to check the documents and if those are found correct, then they can activate the newly purchased SIM card. […]

Ekushey book fair starts tomorrow

Month long Ekushey book fair will be inaugurated by the prime minister tomorrow. Prime minister will also handover this year’s Bangla Academy award to eleven different personalities which is already declared. Breaking the tradition Bangla Academy has extended the fair to adjacent Sharawardi Uddyan. It was a longstanding demand from the publishers and book lovers […]

Pitha fest or Pitha Utshab ends today

Rice is the staple food of the Bangladeshis. Bangladeshis like to eat Pitha and Pitha is a culture of the Bangladeshis. Rice, coconut, date juice, milk etc are the main ingredients of Pitha. It may sound simple, but making Paitha is not always simple. Special type of rice is required to make traditional delicious pithas. […]

BSF demonstrates power to grab Bangladeshi farmland

Bangladesh has about one hundred and forty Bighas of land in Khoairchar of Chunarughat. In 1992 Bangladeshi farmers attempted to build a makeshift bridge to connect their farmland to the mainland. But at that time BSF (Border Security Forces) opposed it without any reason. It created a tension between border guards of the two countries. […]

Sales girls are doing well at Dhaka International Trade Fair

It is believed that smart and good looking female models are more effective than their male counterparts. It may be true for sales personnel also. Sales girls are proven more effective in Dhaka International Trade Fair (DITF). Many companies including Ifad, Starship, Igloo, Sony, Kazi Farms, have recruited young women to sell their products this […]

Internet browsing through mobile phone decreased

Increment of subscriber number is a common trend in communication industry, but Bangladesh experienced the reverse in last three months. It happened when four mobile operators have launched their 3G service. According to Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) all four private mobile operators who were awarded 3G license in last September have lost internet subscribers. […]

Eden College students demand for a University

Eden Girls’ College was established in 1873 and it was the first it was the first college for women in then Bengal Presidency. In 1963 it was moved to its present campus at Azimpur area. It’s a government run college and the largest college for women in the capital. At present it is offering Honours, […]

Two China made warships reached the country

Two recently purchased Chinese warships have reached Chittagong naval jetty yesterday. These two ships were officially handed over to Bangladesh Navy on the ninth January this year. These warships are named BNS Ali Haider and BNS Abu Bakar. A big number of naval officers and marines including assistant naval chief were present at the naval […]

Online shopping facility in Dhaka International Trade Fair

This year’s Dhaka International Trade Fair was inaugurated about ten days later due to political unrest, but now the month long fair premise is full of visitors. Consumers and traders of the country eagerly wait for this annual event. This is an opportunity for them to interact. Consumers get the opportunity to see various products […]

Demonstration against proposed ICC’s proposed reform

People from all walks of life were gathered at Shahbagh area of the capital yesterday. They demanded a clear stand from Bangladesh Cricket Board (BCB) in this regard. They chanted various slogans against India, Australia and England who have proposed the draft. Earlier Bangladeshi media reported that Bangladesh Cricket Board has decided to support the […]

Thirteen hundred years old temples found

A team lead by archeologist Shahnaz Hossain has discovered two temples near the northern town Panchagarh. These temples are situated at sixteen kilometers away from the Panchagarh town. Archeologist Shahnaz Hossain has taken his PhD degree from India. His team has been doing excavation work since 2009. More excavation is needed to fully unearth these […]

Death warrant of Bangladesh cricket approved?

The International Cricket Council (ICC) is the regulatory authority of world cricket. A draft proposal submitted by India, Australia and England is under consideration which will give enormous power to those three nations. This draft proposal also says, only top eight test playing nations should have the right to play test matches. Some cricket playing […]

Nearly seventy thousand labors may be sent from Maldives

There is unconfirmed report that the immigration department of Maldives has directed some seventy thousand Bangladeshi workers to go back if they want. Many of those workers are living in very inhuman conditions. Many have gone there by visa forgery and some has become undocumented due to some faults in papers. Some recruiting agencies are […]

Non tariff barriers in Saudi market for Bangladesh made products

Sometimes tariff is used to block specific product in a market. But in today’s global world blocking a specific product by tariff is no acceptable. This is why sometimes non tariff barriers are used. It’s a kind of technique used to prevent market access. Sometimes those are intentionally placed and sometimes those are by default. […]

Kinder garten in Suchitra Sen’s ancestral house

Legendary Indian actress Suchitra Sen was born in Pabna, the northern district of Bangladesh. She also spent her childhood there. Her family was migrated to India after the separation of India in 1947. Then their house was finally taken as vested property by the government. Now that house is being used as Kinder Garten School. […]