Furniture fair starts on 23rd March

Three day long Bangladesh Furniture and Interior Decor Expo 2014 is going to be started from Sunday the 23rd March. This fair will be held at Bangabandhu International Conference Center and end on 25th March. Export Promotion Bureau (EPB), Bangladesh Furniture Exporters Association, Bangla Craft, Bangladesh Jute Diversified Products Manufacturers and Exporters Association and Bangladesh […]

Sarika says good bye to acting and going to marry

Popular model and actress Sarika started her career in showbiz world in the year 2006 and continued till 2010. Then she withdrew herself from showbiz suddenly. She was avoiding acting in spite of her popularity. Now Sarika is going to marry Mahim Karim, who is a businessman. Becoming a pilot was Sarika’s childhood dream and […]

REHAB fair starts today

Five day long REHAB fair is going to be started from today at Bangabandhu International Conference Center. This fair is arranged by Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB), it was scheduled to be held at the end of last year. But it was postponed due to political turmoil. REHAB sources say, currently there […]

Cost of education doubled in last seven years

School textbooks are distributed freely by the government. But family expenditure for education remains a concern. Education is called the backbone of a nation, but budgetary allocation for education has decreased in every fiscal year since the year 2008. Schools are forcing guardians to buy extra books for children, which is increasing education cost. Since […]

Anticancer drug invented by a Bangladeshi

A new drug is invented by a Bangladeshi scientist, Professor Mohammed Rahmatullah. This drug may cure pancreatic cancer and prevent H5N1 virus which causes bird flu to humans and birds. Surprisingly component of this drug is extracted from paddy husk and already has received patent. Now it is waiting for approval from US FDA and […]

Government organizations most responsible for destroying rivers in Bangladesh

Bangladesh was a land of rivers. Water transportation was the main mode of communication here. Rivers have been the main source of fish. But rivers are dying. India is to blame for it. They are constructing dams one after another on upstream. There are local causes also. Land grabbers are grabbing rivers to construct their […]

Missing Malaysian aircraft, Bangladesh joined search operation

After the mysterious disappearance of Malaysian Airlines aircraft super powers like China and US have been continuing their searching, but they are yet to confirm what happened to that aircraft. Seven days have passed and search area has been widened every day. Now US investigators are claiming that the Malaysian jet engine has been sending […]

New market kitchen market becomes 10th formalin free market of the capital

Formalin has been a concern for the consumers in recent years. Formalin is used to preserve specimen in laboratories but it is not safe for human health. Many Vendors in kitchen market are using this harmful chemical to store fruits, fishes and vegetables for long. Formalin is harmful for health, may damage kidney and may […]

Public transports must be repaired and colored before T-20 world cup

The home ministry has issued a strict order to police to make sure that no old, unfit and discolored public transports do not plying on city roads during T-20 world cup. T-20 world cup cricket is scheduled to be started from 16th of March and government has taken various steps to enhance beauty of the […]

Kamar and Sara to visit Cannes

Director couple Kamar Ahmed Simon and Sara Afreen is invited by Cinema Du Monde to join Cannes festival on next May. They are invited to Cannes for their next film project Shankhadhani. The director couple will stay there from may 14 to May 24. Cinema Du Monde is a France based project which supports full-length […]

Some IPL matches may be held at Dhaka

Colorful and most lucrative T-20 league Indian Premiere League (IPL) is schedule to be held from 16th April to 1st June. But national election of India is also scheduled to be held during the period. Indian home ministry has informed Indian Cricket Board that they are unable to provide enough security personnel for IPL during […]

Eighty percent women and seventy six percent female students are abused in Bangladesh

Some studies published in recent months have stunned many Bangladeshis. A government study conducted by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics said, most of the women in Bangladesh including urban women are abused and they are mainly abused by their close ones. Many are abused by their husbands. Many family members abuse their female members; husbands beat […]

Bangladesh is making state of the art fishing trawlers

Bangladeshi fishermen were dependant on Thailand made fishing trawlers for fishing on deep sea. But now some Bangladeshi dockyards have started to make large and modern fishing trawlers. Dhaka dockyard made the first fishing trawler, and then Western Marine Shipyard and FMC Dockyard have joined them. FMC dockyard has floated their first fishing trawler on […]

Adulterated food causing deadly diseases

Food safety has been a neglected issue in Bangladesh. The law against food adulteration was very weak, traders and producers preferred paying fines and continuing to sell adulterated foods. The government enacted Safe Food Act last year. But the authority seems to be reluctant on implementing that act. Public Health Laboratory and BSTI laboratory have […]