Replace meter gauge with broad gauge, says standing committee

There were three types of railway tracks in Bangladesh, narrow gauge, meter gauge and broad gauge. These three types of tracks were placed during colonial era. Later narrow gauge tracks were replaced. But still Bangladesh railway is divided in two regions for meter gauge and broad gauge tracks. Broad gauge carriages are larger and capable […]

New taxicabs are not following fare chart

Some taxicabs are introduced in Dhaka recently to ease the transportation sufferings of city dwellers. At the same time new fare chart is also introduced by Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA). A gazette was published in 22nd April in this regard. The minimum fare will be 85 taka, it is for first two kilometers. Then […]

Deep sea port: China is waiting for decision from Bangladesh

Bangladesh needs a deep sea port. Experts say a deep sea port has dual use, commercial and military use. Other countries of the region have already built deep sea port. Bangladesh government has decided to build first deep sea port at Sonadia Island. But who will build that? Some countries have already shown interest. But […]

Bangladesh seeks military support in ensuring maritime security from US

Delegates from US and Bangladesh met in a dialog at Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies auditorium few days ago. Bangladeshi delegates sought more cooperation from US in expanding military capacity, ensuring maritime sovereignty, conducting rescue operation in disaster and delivering better service in peace keeping mission. Delegates from US said they want friendly […]

Momo decides to go for silver screen only

Lux super star Momo became very popular after performing in her maiden film Daruchini Dweep which was written by prominent novelist Humayun Ahmed. She was the champion in Lux Super Star Competition 2006. Later she acted in many single episode tv dramas and tv serials. But she was avoiding silver screen. Now she is concentrating […]

30% women are abused by their husbands

A recent survey by Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics has revealed that more than one third Bangladeshi women are abused by their husbands. Most abuse cases occur in the rural areas. Women aged from twenty to thirty four are most vulnerable. United Nations has already acknowledged that sexual act with wife against her will is rape. […]

Number plate of that microbus was a fake one

The abductors who abducted Rezwana’s husband left the scene with a blue colored microbus. Police was claiming that they have identified that microbus. They said, that microbus entered Dhaka by Gulistan flyover and came down at Palashi end. They have been able to read the number plate of that microbus from video footage recorded by […]

University students drowned in Bay of Bengal

Some students of Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology went on a tour of St. Martin from Dhaka yesterday. It was the first day of Bengali New Year, an occasion of celebration. Nine students were drowned by strong wave. Locals managed to rescue five and they were taken to Upazila health complex. But two of […]

Female students outnumbered their male counterpart

Recent data from government medical colleges and lone dental college shows that female students have outnumbered male students. About sixty percent of the students enrolled in government medical colleges and dental college are female now. They are doing well compared to male. Experts who closely monitor the situation say female students are more attentive. On […]

Sri Lankan media thanks Bangladeshi cricket lovers

It was thought that Bangladeshi cricket lovers mostly support two sub continental countries Pakistan and India after Bangladesh. But there were huge supporters for Sri Lanka in the recent T20 world cup final. Dhaka and Chittagong venues became a home ground for them because they are playing here continuously since January. They were unbeaten during […]

WiFi service on BRTC buses

Bangladesh Road Transport Corporation (BRTC) has launched wifi internet service on ten of its buses in the capital today. It only trial period; if it is successful BRTC will expand this service. They have named the buses as digital bus. Ten BRTC buses which ply between Uttara and Motijheel will have four 3G routers and […]

Musa Ibrahim defends himself

It was known that Musa Ibrahim was the first Bangladeshi to reach on top of Everest. Musa Ibrahim is also a journalist by profession. Later some other Bangladeshis also conquered Everest. But few years ago some people said Musa did not conquer Everest, so he is not the first Bangladeshi to reach Everest. A recent […]

Karate training for school girls to prevent eve-teasing

Eve-teasing has been a problem for girls and young women in Bangladesh. Many parents are arranging child marriage to save their daughter from eve teasing. They know child marriage is not good but they are compelled to do so. Many victims of eve teasing commit suicide and many become so depressed. There is a belief […]

Gender discrimination in Bollywood

Katrina Kaif is the latest Bollywood actress who is criticizing gender discrimination in Bollywood film industry. She says actresses are doing many important roles on Bollywood film. Even there are some films where a woman character is the main character of the film. But actors are getting remuneration more than three times higher than actresses. […]