4 steel mill workers burnt

Four workers postulated bake injuries when fiery iron splashed upon them during Jafor Chowdhury Islamia Steel Mill underneath Bayezid Police Station here early yesterday.

Another workman additionally postulated teenager damage whilst perplexing to save himself from a striking iron.

The injured–Ismail, 20, Kalu Miyan, 45, Md Iliash, 30, Md Hasan, twenty-five as well as Md Jahangir, 24were certified to Chittagong Medical College Hospital (CMCH).

The standing of Ismail was settled to be critical. The collision occurred during about 2:00am when a close of a prohibited iron pot broke down as well as it fell upon a floor, pronounced Milon, a workman of a factory.

The harmed were rushed to CMCH around 2:30am, witnesses said.

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