President returns Bangladesh Labor (Amendment) Bill-2023 for reconsideration: Confusion over penalty clause

40 eminent citizens call for new parliamentary elections and dissolution of Parliament

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Shushashoner Jono Nagoric (Shujan), a civic forum, sent a statement to the media on Sunday.

Steps, if taken, would allow adequate time and space for the government to hold talks with the opposition on the issue at the time of elections, reach a consensus, release or grant bail to opposition leaders and activists, and hold free, fair and competitive events. There will be scope. elections by announcing a new schedule, it further said.

Expressing concern, the joint statement also said that the government and the Election Commission have taken several steps to conduct unilateral elections on January 7 as per the announced election schedule. Just before this election, opposition leaders and activists were removed from the political arena by indiscriminate filing of cases, arrests, torture and punishment through controversial procedures.

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