40% of suspected criminals in UK are migrant

UP to 40 per cent of murder suspects in parts of Britain last year were immigrants, the News of the World can reveal.

And a staggering one-in-three of those charged with RAPE in other regions of England and Wales also came from abroad.

These worrying statistics provided by police forces will fuel political debate about Britain’s absorbent borders and the link to serious crimes.

In London’s Metropolitan Police area last year, out of 602 people charged with rape, a total of 183 – or more than 30 per cent – were from outside the UK. They included 10 Romanians, nine Poles, four Afghans, four immigrants from the Congo and two Kosovans.

Of 197 charged with murder, 46 were foreigners – more than 23 per cent. This included seven Jamaicans and three each from India, Lithuania and Nigeria.

The murder trend was highlighted again in Hertfordshire, where four of the ten people on murder charges were foreigners – 40 per cent of the total. And in the Thames Valley four out of 13 murder suspects were immigrants, or 31 per cent.

Gerard Batten, Euro-MP for the UK Independence Party, said: “Basically, we let anyone in and these new figures show many of them are criminals of the worst kind.

“The victims are paying the price for successive government failures to control immigration.”

Our shock figures were disclosed when 26 forces responded to a Freedom of Information request. The rise in immigrant suspects poses a problem for police, who face an estimated £25million a year bill for translation.

Earlier this year the prison service revealed that one in seven inmates is now foreign, coming from 160 of the 192 UN countries.

Nationalities making up the majority of the 11,546 prisoners were Jamaica, Nigeria, Ireland, Vietnam, Poland, China and Somalia.


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