48 died within 1and ½ year in gunfights in the district of Kustia

48 died in gunfights with law enforcement agency within 1 and ½  year in the district of kustia. Besides, 3 persons were kidnapped last year including a councilor and a member of UP allegedly by police, DB and RAB members are still missing.

From July 2009 to December 2009 in 29 incidents 32 persons died. In 15 incidents in 2010 died another 16 persons. 6 persons were beaten to death by locals.

Last year 72 extremists were arrested 115 no. of fire arms 774 no. of bullets and 163 no. of bombs were recovered.

Police super in this connection said that he joined only 3 months ago. He will take cognizance of the matter.

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