5 Books by Women of Color

5 Books by Women of Color

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Sultana’s Sapna by Rokaiya Sakhawat Hussain

Begum Ruqaiya is a name that every Bangladeshi person is familiar with. Although we all know her as a South Asian feminist icon, not many people have actually read any of her writings. “Sultana’s Dream” is a classic piece of South-Asian feminist literature. The story explores a dream world in which gender roles are reversed, making women governors and men delicate domestic creatures who must be kept hidden away in the home.

This satirical expose of institutionalized misogyny through religion, culture and social norms exposes the double standards regarding gender roles in South Asian societies. The story, despite being written over a century ago, is still relevant to the many gender issues that exist in Bangladesh today. Thus, for readers who wish to develop a nuanced understanding of Bangladeshi feminism, “Sultana Ka Sapna” is a must-read and a great place to start.

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