50 percent of children eat unhealthy food

50 percent of children eat unhealthy food

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what’s in these foods

Professor Sitesh Chandra Bachar, Department of Pharmacy, University of Dhaka told Prothom Aloe that the artificial drinks children drink in Bangladesh contain a lot of sugar and preservatives. Preservatives and sweeteners also contain many harmful substances, which cause abnormal physical growth of the child.

Chips, burgers and instant noodles use excessive salt. Professor Sitesh Chandra Bachar said that consuming foods with added salt at an early age can lead to harmful reactions in the child’s body. He also said that children having too much salt in their body can cause them to have high blood pressure, which can increase the risk of heart disease.

Citing that children who eat such unhealthy foods are at risk of contracting various diseases including diabetes in their adulthood, he said, due to their eating habits in childhood, many children are inviting diseases in adulthood. it’s terrible.

Parents who are aware of this danger try to keep their children away from such foods. But a parent also told about his helplessness. For example, Sajedul Islam (pseudonym) from Uttara in the capital has a two-year-old child. Sajedul said, ‘Whenever I go out, my son takes me to the shop. I keep soft drinks hidden in the fridge. He steals it from there. He is crazy about chips and Chanachur.

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