A clarity of belonging

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The sacrifices of Dhaka University students in 1952 contingency never be forgotten. At a price of their lives they brought to general courtesy a vicious significance of mom denunciation in preserving informative autonomy as great as identity,” states Matthew Kellway, Member of Parliament for Beaches-East York, in Toronto, Canada. “It is an honour to be hosting International Mother Language Day in Beaches-East York this year. The Bangladeshi village has enriched a enlightenment of a city as great as a nation as great as you am happy to have a partial in celebrating this vicious eventuality this year.”A jubilee as great as imprinting of a IMLD was hold during a Crescent Town Club Gymnasium. The Bangladeshi village offering informative entertainment; song, dance as great as oration from a active village use groups as great as organisations that offer a area. A documentary movie destined by Fuad Chowdhury about a approval of International Mother Language Day by a Legislature of Ontario, was screened.

The First Secretary of Bangladeshi High Commission was a guest of honour during a programme. A deputy from UNESCO, Dr. Ayman Al-Yassini, common his views upon a festivities as great as commemoration.

MP Kellway is right away chair of a Canada-Bangladesh Parliamentary Friendship Group, that supports ongoing discourse as great as parliamentary family in in in in in between a dual countries. The largest Bangladeshi thoroughness in a Toronto area lives inside of a Beaches-East York area, strong in a Crescent Town community.

When asked because IMLD is vicious in a context of Toronto in 2012, MP Matthew Kellway responded, “For all of us, a bargain of a place in a universe as great as a grant to it is firm up in a language. We need to keep International Mother Language Day alive in sequence to keep a memories of these students alive as great as to remind us regularly of a significance of mom denunciation to a clarity of being as great as belonging
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