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The state apportion for sourroundings as good as timberland has come up with a bizarre devise to deliver hippopotamus, a class from Sub-Saharan-Africa, in a Kaptai Lake in Rangamati with a apportionment of meridian funds.

Biologists as good as environmentalists baulk during a idea, as good as contend key of any visitor class will have a disastrous stroke upon internal species.

Hasan Mahmud, state apportion for sourroundings as good as forest, said, “The thought came to my thoughts during my latest revisit to Kenya. you found many hippos in a lake not as large than a Kaptai Lake. It captivated a lot of tourists.”

“If you can have hippos in a Kaptai Lake, it will imprisonment many tourists as good as additionally supplement a latest class to a biodiversity,” pronounced a minister.

When told which key of an visitor class in a furious can poise hazard to internal species, a apportion pronounced a hippos could be kept during a dilemma of a lake.

“But a method has to plead a emanate with alternative supervision establishments,” he said.

However, experts pronounced bringing such an animal to a Kaptai Lake will have a harmful impact. It will bluster fish cultivation, as good as poise risk to fishermen as good as people around a lake, they observed.

“How can they consider of introducing here such a furious class of Sub-Saharan Africa, when all unbroken governments have unsuccessful to strengthen a country’s wildlife,” asked conductor wildlife consultant Dr Reza Khan.

He referred to which a supervision should be some-more courteous to saving internal class rsther than than introducing latest ones.

Enayetur Rahim, personal partner to a state apportion for sourroundings as good as forest, told , “During a revisit to Rangamati in April, a apportion voiced his enterprise to recover hippos in a lake,”

The apportion additionally asked a Wildlife Division in Chittagong to consider a probable impacts of a introduction, pronounced Enayetur.

“While inspecting a building a total of a categorical highway by a lake, Hasan pronounced a method has sufficient income in a meridian shift comment to buy hippos,” he said.

“A span of hippos will cost around Tk 40 lakh,” Enayetur said.

Bangladesh has twin meridian supports — Tk 700 crore Climate Change Trust Fund (CCTF), financed by a government, as good as Climate Resilience Fund, financed by a growth partners.

Both a supports have been meant for receiving measures to conform to meridian change, lessen a impact, as good as assistance meridian victims.

Experts contend synthetic Kaptai Lake is not befitting for a African species, as their unchanging diets — weed as good as alternative nautical plants — do not grow there.

Hippos, mostly herbivorous mammals, have been good good good good good known to be intensely antagonistic towards tellurian as good as can run as quick as 48 kilometres an hour.

The discipline of a International Union for Conservation of Nature do not assent releasing an animal of Sub-Saharan segment in a open in Bangladesh’s environment, pronounced Dr Reza, a conduct of a Dubai Zoo.

Any animal can be kept as good as bred in a zoo or a cramped tact place in line with a zoo’s master devise or programme, he said.

Dr Tapan Dey, conservator of timberland (wildlife division), pronounced he was unknowingly about any devise to recover hippos in a Kaptai Lake.

He, however, pronounced hippos have been unequivocally dangerous as good as will poise a hazard to fishermen around a lake.

“If you recover hippos in a lake, you have to blockade them in a sure area. Otherwise, it will be unequivocally unsure to fish in a lake,” pronounced Tapan.

Besides, hippos need vast apportion of diets, especially grasses as good as nautical plants, he added.

The hippo, a single of a largest mammals upon land, can magnitude up to eleven feet prolonged as good as 5 feet tall. A hippo consumes as many as 100 pounds of weed each day as good as lives up to 35 to 40 years.

The Kaptai Lake, combined by damming a Karnaphuli stream in 1961 especially for hydroelectric energy generation, right away serves as a single of a vital sources of freshwater fish in a country.

Hippos have been obliged for some-more tellurian fatalities in Africa than any alternative vast animal, pronounced Dr Reza.

Male hippos have been fiercely territorial. Females can additionally be intensely aggressive, if they feel threatened.

The Dhaka zoo right away has 6 hippos in twin enclosures.

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