A journey to Jaflong

Jaflong, a place of unexplainable natural beauty is situated in the east northern part of Bangladesh. It is almost 45 kilometers far from Sylhet city which is known as so called London in Bangladesh. It’s becoming a very popular place for the tourists day by day. We will now start telling the process of going over Jaflong from Dhaka. If you start journey from Dhaka, you have to ride on Bus, train or Air plane to reach Sylhet city first. Normal bus will cost only 250 taka from Dhaka to Sylhet and VIP buses will cost 580 taka per head. On the other hand 150 taka will be expensed in train journey per head. Bus journey will only take 5 hours to reach over Sylhet city. After reaching Sylhet city you have to ride on another bus or CNG to reach Jaflong. That bus will take 1.5 hours to reach Jaflong while you have to pay only 50 taka as per sit. Before reaching Jaflong you will see a lot of hill track surrounding you which will look like a heaven in the earth. You have to lend in ‘Mamar Dokan’. Then, you have to walk for 10 minutes to reach the dreamy place I am talking about. A lot of people are crashing stone, some people are, a lot of boat flowing over a river. One interesting thing will see. That is crystal and transparent water in river. I can guarantee you that, you will be really surprised to see that kind of water. Because all the water comes from the hill track situated in Bangladesh and India. Indian hills are seen very clearly standing in Bangladeshi area. This is a place where you will find closer camp of Bangladesh and Indian boarder guards. Whole River is full of a lots of stone. These stone are supplied in all over Bangladesh.

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