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Chhayanaut’s two-day prolonged celebration, imprinting a bieing born centenary of pioneering producer Sufia Kamal (June 20, 1911-November 20, 1999), featured music, jubilee of a mass as good as documentary screening during a Chhayanaut Auditorium in Dhaka upon Jun seventeen as good as 18.

The jubilee featured songs of ‘Pancho Kobi’ (five poets) — Rabindranath, Nazrul, Dwijendralal, Rajanikant as good as Atulprasad as good as folk melodies. The second day’s programme featured jubilee of a mass of Sufia Kamal’s papers which served as pause to a renditions of songs as good as dances.

The eventuality upon Jun seventeen began with Chhayanaut boss Dr. Sanjida Khatun’s debate upon a hold up as good as accomplishments of Sufia Kamal, who was a boss of Chhayanaut given a pregnancy as good as worked with a organization compartment she breathed her last.

Sufia Kamal was approach brazen of her times, as good as was not usually a single of a heading poets of a nation though additionally a amicable as good as informative activist, as good as a confidant feminist. She addressed issues which were deliberate banned during her time. However, Chhayanaut’s loyalty especially featured a functions of poets as good as singers which Sufia Kamal loving as good as a tiny excerpts from her own writings. The eventuality noticeably lacked a projection of Sufia Kamal’s lifelong onslaught opposite discriminatory amicable norms as good as patriarchy.

After Dr. Sanjida Khatun’s speech, a initial day’s programme began. On Jun 17, a eventuality featured entertainment of Rabindranath’s account “Srabongatha”. Some of a many during large good good good good good known Tagore singers as good as reciters took partial in a performance. Syed Hasan Imam, Bhaswar Bandopadhyay as good as Jayanta Roy enacted a purposes of Raja (king), Nataraj (Shiva) as good as a Shabha Kobi (royal poet), respectively. The songs were rendered by Iffat Ara Dewan, Audity Mohsin, Azizur Rahman Tuhin as good as others. Audity Mohsin’s delivery of “Jhore Jhore Jhoro” was conspicuous amidst a songs achieved via a evening.

However, deliberation it was a reverence to someone as radical as Sufia Kamal, a eventuality did not unequivocally suggest anything new; conjunction did it prominence a amicable issues addressed in Kamal’s works.

Students of Chayanaut danced with seasoned artistes as good as Chhayanaut teachers Sharmila Banerjee as good as Samina Hossain Prema. Sufia Kamal’s photographs projected during a behind of a theatre were an combined attraction.

The second day’s programme offering farrago in operation as good as scope, as good as to a tiny extent, reflected a hold up of Sufia Kamal as an romantic as good as amicable reformer. Nazrul Sangeet; folk numbers; songs of Himangshu Dutta, Dwijendralal, Rajanikant, Atulprasad were performed. The programme resolved with a screening of Manzar-e-Hasin Murad’s documentary upon a hold up of Sufia Kamal.

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