A man cuts own penis

bloodIn a peculiar incident a man Liton Mian of twenty four has cut his own penis today. He is in critical condition and admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital (DMCH). He is from Mymensingh and son of late Abdul Jabbar.

Liton’s brother in law says, Liton was a cargo cart puller, married to Halima begum few months ago. Then they rented a room in Bou bazaar slum of Hazaribag area in the capital.

Relationship between them was never good; altercation was common form the first month of marriage. The reason was not clear; Liton’s wife often termed him as hermaphrodite.  Liton always seemed depressed.

They had an altercation in this morning also, his wife was terming him hermaphrodite as usual and at one point Liton tried to cut his penis with a knife, but that was not sharp enough. At the end he cut that with a shaving blade. Liton was screaming in pain, he was found wet with blood and rushed to Dhaka Medical College Hospital. His organ was not found after searching his room.

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