A seminar on ‘Private organization’s responsibilities protecting HIV AIDS’ organized at Dhaka


A seminar on ‘Private organization’s responsibilities protecting HIV AIDS’ organized in Dhaka Sheraton Hotel yesterday (31st October, 2009). It was organized by a private organization named ‘Assistance for Vulnerable people (AVP). The prime minister’s Advisor of health and family welfare and social welfare Professor Dr. Syed Modasser Ali was present as chief guest. The key note was presented by the Chairman of AVP alliance Professor Dr. Muzibul Haque.The Keynote speech is given below as it was.


AIDS is a global problem. Since 1st case was detected in 1981 in USA, millions of People have been infected. More then 20 million are already dead, around 3 million being children.

More then 90% Cases are in developing Countries.

For many Years Bangladesh has been able to escape the HIV/AIDS epidemic that is affecting countries around us.

But we cannot remain satisfied or complacent.

As it is increasing rapidly in high-risk group there is few told increase of HIV in few years in Bangladesh.

In global Scenario of AIDS, Bangladesh Still have low rate of Prevalence but all factors   for a rapid spread is present in Bangladesh like

  • Good number of Commercial Sex workers more then one 0.10 million.
  • Niddle Sharing among intravenous drug users, I have been told that HIV has increased from 1% to 7% only in few Years in injecting drug users.
  • Low awareness due to low education rate poverty
  • Low empowerment of women
  • Migration of People. I want to inform you that most of HIV Cases of Bangladesh got it from abroad.

Fortunately Govt. of Bangladesh had acted very properly, which ultimately resulted in low prevalence.

Govt. also Co-operated to its non-government Partners and if necessary do it in more liberal way. We encourse a multi sectoral approach to Safeguard our future. You have heard about Indonesia, Muslim Counters with strong religions Practice. After having low level like ours, suddenly there was extensive rise or HIV, within 2/3 years.

I admire Govt officials, health Professionals, Policy makers, NGOs for their hard work.

A new service provider   named “Assistance for Vulnerable People” (AVP) is getting inaugurated today.

This organization I am told Consist mostly of highly trained specialists and professors of medical institutions and many experienced Socials workers. I wish your endeavor and Participation in AIDS management will bring goods to us. I advice you to make Co-operation to others who are experienced in similar work.

I agree with the concept of a central information centre but it must be   very comprehensive and Sustainable.

At Present no Proper of highly Professional Hospital exists in Bangladesh even after million dollars have been expensed.

I have blessing for any good work if it is done sincerely and honestly.

Pias wish needs encouragement but my experience is that it is difficult to sustain the effort.

I advice you to start with a state of art information center.

ultimately benefit People of Bangladesh especially in health related issues. I will will ask members of Civil society, businessmen and organization who work to mitigate human misery to help your organization from their end.

Last of all I have few advices for general population

  • Please remain loyal to your Partner
  • Do not share Syringes
  • Educate yourself about AIDS
  • abstain from   illegal affairs
  • use Protection

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