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A story of love, fight as well as atrocities

The Bangla fool around ‘Lal Jomin’ (The Land of Blood), combined by Mannan Hira as well as destined by Sudip Chakroborthy, tells assembly a story of love, fight as well as atrocities during Bangladesh’s fight of autonomy in 1971.

The play, achieved by Momena Choudhury as well as presented by a repertory organisation called Shunyan Theatre Bangladesh, was staged during a assembly house of a British Council in Dhaka upon Sep 23.

The solitary actor of a fool around lyrically narrates a incidents that she saw during a war. The scarcely 14-year-old lady describes a fight that she faced.

Her romantic countenance of adore to a immature man, who after assimilated a war; confidant display of nationalism as well as huffy outline of atrocities of a Pakistani function force as well as their collaborators struck a audience.

The male lead leaves a theatre creation a subject that how prolonged a republic will wait for to do a suggestion of a fight of independence.

Bangladesh’s a single of a inaugural playwrights Mannan Hira has mingled a well review as well as internal dictions in essay a play. Momena Choudhury, who additionally has repute upon stage, achieved in a fool around gripping herself trustworthy with a spirit.

On a alternative hand, a earnest executive Sudip Chakroborthy easily played his directorial purpose to benefaction a imageries of a play. The executive deserves special discuss for conceptualizing a elementary set.

Wahida Mallik Jolly written a dress whilst Julfikar Chanchal as well as Ramiz Raju written music.

Nila, Atiq, Joy, Momo as well as Shakib worked for lighting.

The fool around has been invited to be staged during Chickenshed Theatre in UK as partial of their mini-season of plays upon dispute in October.

The British Council Bangladesh as well as Biman Bangladesh Airlines have been ancillary a fool around to theatre it in Bangladesh as well as a UK.

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