Aashiq jumps from the plane with the national flag

Aashiq jumps from the plane with the national flag

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There is a separate aircraft hangar at Wings Field Airbase in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. There skydivers prepare to board the plane. So far, the national flags of all the countries that skydive from that base have been hoisted in the hangar. Thanks to Ashik Chowdhury, the red and green national flag of Bangladesh will also be hoisted there from now on.

In an attempt to set a world record, Ashik Chowdhury (40) jumped from a plane flying at an altitude of more than 41,000 feet at Wings Field airbase on Saturday, May 25. With Bangladesh's national flag spread out in his hands, he took to the skies. When he reached close to an altitude of 4,000 feet, he used a parachute to descend.

After the successful landing, Ashik Chowdhury told Prothom Alo, “I am very relieved to have accomplished this feat. Hopefully, it will be a big record for the country.”

This attempt by Ashik Chowdhury has been named 'Highest ever skydive with flag'. If he succeeds in it, he will break two records of World Air Sports Federation and Guinness World Records. Private sector United Commercial Bank or UCB has sponsored his initiative, while Prothom Alo has supported it.

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