Actress Tisha returns as a singer with the song 'Autobiography'

Actress Tisha returns as a singer with the song ‘Autobiography’

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That’s why she was the first to lift the Notun Kuri Gold Cup in 1995. Although she was not a regular in music, she became active in her acting career. He also had a musical band. He was last seen singing 15 years ago. Leaving aside music, Tisha became very active in acting. He is still continuing it in the same way.

When the topic was raised about what was the idea behind planning the song ‘Autobiography’, Tisha said, “There was no plan. I sang the song in a completely unplanned manner. When this song was written and composed, as soon as I heard it, I knew I wanted to sing this song.”

“It’s been years since I felt like singing after listening to a song. At that time, I still didn’t know whether I could actually sing the song or whether it would match with my voice. Then Sarwar Heard it and said I should try singing it once. After reaching the studio, I felt everything was fine.

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