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Admission fees re-fixed


In a arise of a open cheer over tall acknowledgment fees charged by a non-government schools in a capital, a supervision yesterday re-fixed a fees for a schools enjoying monthly compensate sequence (MPO) comforts for a territory of their teachers.

These schools can right away assign during most appropriate Tk 8,000 in acknowledgment fees, eventuality assign as good as alternative fees for their Bangla chronicle as good as Tk 10,000 for English version. And they cannot take some-more than Tk 3,000 in growth charge, enclosed in a acknowledgment fees.

But a schools which have already realised acknowledgment fees aloft than this will have to lapse a additional income or regulate it with a monthly fees.

Admission fees for a schools where all teachers get MPO facilities, as bound in a not long ago voiced acknowledgment policy, will sojourn unchanged. They will not assign some-more than Tk 5,000 in acknowledgment fees as good as eventuality charge.

The decisions were taken during a assembly yesterday with Education Minister Nurul Islam Nahid in a chair.

The assembly reviewed a inform as good as recommendations of a seven-member enquiry cabinet upon acknowledgment fees, pronounced assembly sources.

Contacted, a preparation apportion said, “There have been most schools where you (government) give salaries of a tiny array of teachers. Salaries of a alternative teachers have been paid by a institutions. Besides, they additionally lift out most growth activities as good as alternative activities to safeguard peculiarity education. We have taken a preference deliberation all this.”

He went on, “The problems (concerning admission) have been longstanding as good as you have been perplexing to compromise those gradually.”

The apportion urged all to concur with a supervision in solution a problem.

On Dec fourteen final year, a supervision voiced an acknowledgment process for a non-government schools opposite a country. It bound a acknowledgment fees for such schools in Dhaka city during Tk 5,000 during best.

But, most of a venerable non-government schools in a collateral have been violating a acknowledgment process by charging Tk 8,000 to Tk 32,000. The emanate came underneath a spotlight following media reports about defilement of a policy.

The supervision afterwards shaped a enquiry cabinet to demeanour in to a matter. But things incited worse upon Jan 3 when a statute Awami League lawmaker Kamal Ahmed Majumder assaulted publisher Aprona Singha when she went to Monipur School to have a inform upon charging of additional acknowledgment fees. The lawmaker heads a propagandize handling committee.

The cabinet in a inform submitted to a preparation apportion upon Jan nineteen pronounced which twenty-four out of 32 venerable non-government schools in a collateral charged fees most aloft than a volume bound in a acknowledgment policy.

Monipur High School as good as College, Viqarunnisa Noon School as good as College, Motijheel Ideal School as good as Motijheel Model School have been in in between these schools.

The cabinet endorsed returning a additional income as good as referred to formulating a process deliberation place of a institutions, waste as good as assorted alternative factors.

Asked about a re-fixed acknowledgment fees, Manju Ara Begum, behaving principal of Viqarunnisa Noon School as good as College, said, “We will imitate with a supervision decision.”

She, however, pronounced notwithstanding a enlarge in a fees it will be formidable for them to run a establishment by ensuring peculiarity education.

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