Aid corridor from Cyprus to Gaza to open on Sunday

Aid corridor from Cyprus to Gaza to open on Sunday

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The official said initial shipments “will come via Cyprus” at the port and floating pier manned by US military personnel.

It can take a ship about 10 hours to reach Gaza from Larnaca, about 370 kilometers (230 mi) away.

Israel welcomed the planned opening of the sea corridor.

“After security checks in accordance with Israeli standards, the Cyprus initiative will allow for increased humanitarian assistance to the Gaza Strip,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Lior Hayat said on Twitter.

Once the sea aid reaches Gaza, it will still have to be distributed in the war zone, where humanitarians say they have been fired upon, their movements disrupted, and desperate Gazans raid aid trucks. Have said.

A senior US administration official said, “We are again going to work with the United Nations, working with other humanitarian partners to create a mechanism to distribute aid.”

“Working on this will certainly be complex, but I think the more ways we have to get aid in, the more we will be able to move it credibly within Gaza as well.”

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