AL leader Abdur Rehman explains about 'dummy' candidates

AL leader Abdur Rehman explains about ‘dummy’ candidates

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Abdur Rehman said that some people are using the Prime Minister’s speech to become independent candidates and are desperate to defeat Nao. This is not within the party norms. They are creating division among the leaders and workers of Awami League.

Regarding the party chief’s speech at the Gana Bhavan, he said, “What happened at the Gana Bhavan that day? All the Awami League candidates told Sheikh Hasina, ‘We have given you the responsibility.’

“Then the Prime Minister said, ‘Whoever I nominate, you all will work for him. But if someone is elected unopposed, it will be a problem. Dummy candidates should participate in the elections.’

Abdur Rehman said, dummy candidates are one thing while independent and rebel candidates are different things. Many people have misinterpreted the Prime Minister’s speech and stood as independent candidates.

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