AL plans protest ahead of BNP rally as Hasina says 'no mercy' for causing disorder

AL plans protest ahead of BNP rally as Hasina says ‘no mercy’ for causing disorder

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Sheikh Hasina has asked Awami League leaders and workers to be prepared to stop attempts to create anarchy in Bangladesh, urging people to be vigilant so that anti-liberation war forces do not come to power.

“Our leaders and workers should be ready in their area so that they [BNP and Jamaat-e-Islami] Referring to the deadly fire-bombing of buses during opposition protests in 2014, the prime minister said, “We cannot go back to the path of oppression.”

Joining the ruling party meeting via video call from Gana Bhavan on Thursday, Hasina said, “Please be prepared so that no one can harm the public. Hands trying to burn will have to be burnt. We have empty seating.” There is no time for There will be no mercy.

“They will not be forgiven again,” he said, warning the BNP against causing disorder following clashes with police outside the party’s Naya Paltan headquarters.

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