Amazing Honeycomb House at Madaripur

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Honeycomb is the kingdom of the honey bees which stand at the forest on trees. But now found huge honeycomb in house. A lot of honeycomb situated at the building and the nearest trees rounded the home. Approximately there are 50 honeycombs stand on the building. Due to these honeycombs people define that house by a named as honeycomb house. The amazing matter has being seen at the house of Kabir Mollik of South Khakcara village at Madaripur. Kabir Mollik said the honey bees make its honeycomb six months of the year and the process is continuing for 10 years.
Got to see by physically there are huge honeycombs at Kabir Mollik’s house. The house is made by concrete and wall furnished. The bees make their honeycomb top of floor, beside of wall, behind of door, attached with window etc. The4 house owner Kabir says the bees build their shelter not only but also nearest trees. He is not irritated for that. Moreover he enjoys it. The house is familiar by the name of Honeycomb house to the villagers.

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