An innovative strategy used for snake trafficking. Shocked German police

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We know some animal trafficker smuggle animal in the world wide and snake is not out of it. Through this sequence German police found a deferent strategy in the field of snake trafficking. During the time of routine checking in the Berlin airport, police noticed a guy’s wearing pant is looking odd. They keeps eye on the guy. They were hearing a dim sound came out from the pant inside.
Then airport police stopped the man and began checking. The police shocked after checking. They saw the man brings a live Python in a small bag in his leg, which bag was binding with his thigh. The police caught up the guy. The smuggler was waiting to catch the philistine flight. Police can’t imagine this type of strategy for snake trafficking.
Berlin police rescued the python. The python was 40 meters length. The responsible police also arrested the smuggler. The police authority searching regarding the case if found any connection with the international animal syndicates.

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