An Offering of Dance to Bulbul Chowdhury

Marking 92nd being born anniversary of Nrityaguru Bulbul Chowdhury upon Jan 1, Bangladesh Nritya Shilpi Shongstha (BNSS) as well as Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy (BSA) have mutually organized a weeklong jubilee during BSA premises. Starting from Jan 1, a satisfactory will go upon compartment Jan 5 during BSA’s open stage. Programmes will additionally be hold during Manikganj Govt. Boys’ High School upon Jan 6 as well as during Chunti encampment of Satkania, Chittagong upon Jan 7.

Elaborate discussions upon a hold up as well as functions of Bulbul Chowdhury as well as dance performances dedicated to a mental recall of a Nrityaguru have been highlights of a celebration.

The thesis was an mention from a Tagore song: “Nritye Tomar Muktir Roop, Nritye Tomar Maya, Bishwa Tanutey Onutey Onutey, Kanpey Nrityer Chhaya.”

On a third day (January 3) of a fair, a series of dancers from opposite schools as well as troupes of a collateral as well as over presented both square for one person as well as organisation performances as loyalty to Bulbul Chowdhury.

Dancing to a Tagore song, “Akash Bhora Shurjo Tara,” guest artist from India, Dr. Mehebub Hasan, kicked off a programme. Choreographed by remarkable dancer Deepa Khandakar, a nationalistic combination by artistes of Dibya Shangskritik Shongothon followed.

Noted dancer as well as choreographer Arpita Shome presented a square for one person combination with a Tagore series “Darao Mon Ananto Brohmando Majhey”. Choreographed by Selina Haque, artistes of ‘Ghash Phul Nadi’ achieved a Jhumur dance to a strain “Amar Mon Porey Roy Pahadey.”

Choreographed by MR Wasek, artistes of “Nandan Kala Kendra” presented an considerable duet to recitation of Syed Shamsul Haque’s classic, “Nurul Deen-er Shara Jibon”. Artistes of ‘Akriti’ presented an additional organisation combination during a event. Choreographed by Kochi Rahman, a artistes masterfully achieved a Kathak square to a Sufi song. The movements, expressions, character as well as costumes deserved praise.

Artistes of Bangladesh Academy of Fine Arts danced to a thesis song. The square was choreographed by Farhana Chowdhury. Artistes of Nijhum Nrityangon presented a nationalistic dance to a Hyder Husyn strain “Ami Shopno Dekhi…Bangladesh Tumi Egiye Cholo”. Rahat Ara Smriti choreographed a piece.

Directed by Monirul Islam Mukul, artistes of ‘Mukul Nrityagram’, Manikganj achieved partial of “Mahua Pala” upon a occasion. Artistes of ‘Sukanya’, ‘Aangikam’, ‘Bhorer Pakhi’, ‘Obhibyakti’, ‘Spondon’ as well as others achieved folk as well as nationalistic dances during a programme.

Prior to a dance performance, a contention was hold where General Secretary as well as President of BNSS, Deepa Khandakar as well as Laila Hasan; behaving senior manager of Music as well as Dance Department of BSA Mushfique Ahmed Shamim; seasoned dancer Rahiza Khanam Jhunu; Vice Chancellor of Kazi Nazrul Islam University Dr. Giasuddin Ahmed; senior manager part of of BNSS Selina Haque as well as a footman of Bulbul Chowdhury from India, Ajit Sanyal, spoke.

“Bulbul was an fashionable artist who institutionalized dance in a earlier multitude where superiority of intolerancef along with domestic as well as mercantile constraints taboo open performances,” Ajit Sanyal said.

The organisers additionally celebrated Ajit Sanyal for his grant to dance. ATN Bangla was a media partner of a event.

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