Anti adulteration drive in Ramadan

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Commerce and industry minister Dilip Barua told reporters yesterday at his secretariat that there will be special drive to curb adulteration in foods during the month of Ramadan.

Several mobile courts will work at district and Upazila levels to fine food businessmen engaged in adulteration of food during Ramadan. BSTI (Bangladesh Standards and Testing Institution) will assist the mobile courts.

Food business owners often mix harmful chemicals in popular food items of Ramadan (Iftar). Such as, Urea in puffed rice, juice, so called Hydrose in making Jilapi and other artificial harmful colour to fried food items. This is not just in cooked food but also in fish and fruits. Fish traders use formalin to preserve fish for a longer time.

Despite the anti adulteration drive this phenomena of adulteration has become common place in Bangladesh.

Last year similar drive made nearly 2000 cases and recovered Tk. 4.38 crore as fine.

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