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Apple dipped in honey and the fear factor

While the Jewish people around the world are getting prepared to celebrate Rosh Hashanah [Jewish New Year] during September 28-30 this year, Israeli Prime Minister Mr. Benyamin Netanyahu told British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] that, he is not sure if Israel and the United States will be able to enlist enough votes against the Palestinian application for UN membership in order to prevent it from coming to a vote in the UN Security Council. As the Security Council prepares to deal with the request in few hours from now, it was still unclear if the Palestinians would have the necessary nine votes to pass their measure in the 15-member body, which approves all membership applications to the United Nations. As of Sunday, it appeared as if Britain, France, Germany, Columbia, Portugal, and possibly Bosnia, would reject the measure. The United States has said it would use its veto power if necessary to reject the move, but Israel and the US have lobbied to gain enough support against the statehood bid to make the use of the veto-power unnecessary.

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