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   1.  Stealing girlfriend’s mobile phone was his profession
   2.  Not a rich guy, Tasnuva Tisha wants a simple boy as husband
   3.  30 percent decrease in COVID-19 death rate after April
   4.  Indian intelligence agency and the government is backing terrorism inside Pakistan, claims Pakistan
   5.  All women unit of Bangladesh police to support female victims
   6.  Natalie Portman is not allowing her kids to watch her films
   7.  Eighty percent of husbands are tortured by their wives
   8.  73 per cent of medical graduates are failing to pass the licencing exam in India
   9.  Badhon comes back in TVC after a break of four years
   10.  Poonam Pandey gets bail after arrest for shooting obscene video
   11.  Bangladesh to buy three crore dose of Covid-19 vaccine
   12.  Legendary cricketer Sachin Tendulkar is calling for mandatory helmet rule in cricket
   13.  The dark side of India’s film industry
   14.  Beware of Sabila Nur’s fake Facebook page
   15.  Jaya Ahsan’s rooftop garden
   16.  No mask no service: Bangladesh govt.
   17.  Star Cineplex reopens today
   18.  School students to get auto-promotion this year
   19.  Nearly half of the population in the capital have experienced Covid-19 already
   20.  Priyanka Chopra never wanted to become a heroine
   21.  Seven female hijackers arrested at port city Chittagong
   22.  26 cops to lose job for failing in dope test
   23.  Pandemic has doubled laptop computer selling in Bangladesh
   24.  Bollywood heroines are drug-addicted, but what about heroes?
   25.  Newly married couples may get around six lac taka in Japan
   26.  Faria Shahrin refuses to wear revealing dress for acting
   27.  Covid-19 safety guidelines are neglected in shooting houses: Orsha
   28.  First lot of Hilsa sent to India
   29.  Seven hundred crore taka allocated for movie theaters
   30.  India is unhappy with Chinese vaccine trial in Bangladesh
   31.  Now Pakistan is behind Bangladesh in coronavirus infection cases
   32.  First patent for Covid-19 vaccine issued by China
   33.  National ID card will be must to travel on train
   34.  Shah Rukh-Gauri ‘s office converted into ICU for Covid patients
   35.  Actress Sanai is out of danger
   36.  Film stars distribute sacrificial meat at FDC to celebrate Eid al Adha
   37.  Special cattle train before Eid al-Adha
   38.  Landlords are reducing house rent
   39.  Male bodybuilders also bully female bodybuilders
   40.  Drama on corona infected couple
   41.  Large rail stations will have access control fencing soon
   42.  South Asia is rapidly becoming new coronavirus hotspot
   43.  Young woman raped in the guise of modeling offer
   44.  Producers still owe 80 lac taka to actor Dildar
   45.  Covid-19 vaccine may be available from October
   46.  Intercity train stopped for a pregnant woman and ambulance sent by 999
   47.  Government is thinking about free internet for students
   48.  “I have forgotten acting”- Meem
   49.  Jakia Bari Momo’s TV drama on corona pandemic
   50.  China sends martial art trainers to train its troops near the disputed Indian border
   51.  icddr,b starts covid-19 test for masses today
   52.  Another Bangladeshi civilian shot dead by Indian border guards
   53.  Popular actress and model Anny Khan says goodbye to showbiz
   54.  Bidya Sinha Saha Mim will not join shooting during the pandemic
   55.  Sexual harassment of a covid-19 patient at Khulna hospital
   56.  Shahid Afridi tested Covid-19 positive
   57.  Jennifer Aniston to sell her portrait in birthday suit to help coronavirus patients
   58.  Four high speed vessels introduced to BGB
   59.  Covid 19 pandemic may increase child marriage in Bangladesh
   60.  E-commerce business is booming during covid-19 pandemic
   61.  Doctors will get 30GB internet for 1 taka
   62.  No more intimate scene on Bollywood films
   63.  Bangladesh Television to air popular serial ‘Ei Shob Din Ratri’ again
   64.  Bangladesh is calling for British Royal Navy ship to rescue around 500 floating Rohingyas
   65.  Six river ferries are prepared to isolate coronavirus patients
   66.  Cheap comment on Shriya Saran’s body tackled cleverly by her husband
   67.  Govt. threatens to disconnect electricity and gas connection of homeowners if non-cooperation continues
   68.  National film award winning actress fined for violating lockdown
   69.  Coronavirus: Declaration of the risky area all over Bangladesh
   70.  Is it safe to shop online during the present pandemic?
   71.  Sachin Tendulkar will feed five thousand poor people for one month
   72.  Miss England, Bhasha Mukherjee joins fellow doctors to treat Coronavirus patients
   73.  Local pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing several drugs to battle coronavirus pandemic
   74.  Local brand Walton to produce ventilator
   75.  Appeal for paid leave to RMG workers to tackle coronavirus
   76.  Trial room panic of actress Mehazabien Chowdhury
   77.  Coronavirus epidemic may continue till invention of effective vaccine
   78.  Undergarment is part of costume, Radhika Madan
   79.  Saudi Arabia suspends Umrah and tourism visa to prevent Coronavirus epidemic
   80.  Cash withdrawal and deposit on same machine
   81.  Intimate scenes on TV serials being avoided to prevent spreading of Coronavirus
   82.  312 Bangladeshis returned from China may be released on Saturday
   83.  Metrorail may launch on 16th December next year- minister
   84.  British female tourist arrested in Maldives for wearing bikini
   85.  Bangladesh – India train frequencies increased
   86.  Foreign nationals working in Bangladesh are taking away more than 26,000 crore taka annually – TIB survey
   87.  My kids are neither Muslim nor Hindu – Shah Rukh Khan
   88.  Three new train services added to Bangladesh Railway
   89.  Plastic covered bus windows, a new threat to female passengers in Dhaka
   90.  High Court pressing for counselor and clinical psychologists in educational institutes
   91.  Students are using Facebook like language in exam
   92.  Orchita Sporshia’s film to be released in India
   93.  Banoful and Madhuban get ultimatum
   94.  Joya Chakma becomes first Bangladeshi female referee
   95.  “Made in Bangladesh” is being screened on 70 theaters in three countries
   96.  Male student beaten by female classmates for eve teasing
   97.  Sanitary napkin vending machine for female students of Dhaka University
   98.  An Indian warplane crashed after colliding with bird!
   99.  Pregnant cow slaughtered
   100.  Mosharraf karim rejects national film award

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