Are 53 months enough to fix national institutions through collective will?

Are 53 months enough to fix national institutions through collective will?

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By then a section of people may ask whether it is their responsibility to rebuild institutions. In this storm of change, the then leadership may also say, 'What is the point of bearing the burden of so many institutions?'

The effectiveness of institutions is a matter that is generally beyond the understanding of common people. Yet, in their understanding, the way a school or college imparts education gives them an idea of ​​the quality of the institutions.

That the regulatory and service institutions and other executive branch offices, the judiciary and the parliament are the most important state institutions is more understandable to the relatively aware section of the population. They can also fool the common people if they want to.

Suppose, hypothetically, that the state system is responsible for corruption, money laundering, extrajudicial killings and violation of franchise, people will hardly be able to identify themselves with such a statement; neither can they directly blame anybody for this degradation. Unless what needs to be said publicly is said in clear terms, the person running the show sitting behind the state machinery can easily get a reprieve from his liabilities.

yet in a country like this shed (poetic songs whose lyrics are designed to raise and answer questions instantly), people love to listen to intellectual discourses, whether they always catch them or not. For example, syndicate is a foreign word, but people can understand it and understand what it does when it comes to business, based on their experience of visiting the kitchen market.

When there is manipulation in the stock market, we see that there is an immediate reaction to it, because in such cases small investors suffer. But the growing number of classified loans does not anger depositors so quickly, because they are not aware of its long-term impact in advance.

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