Art seminar during Dhaka Art Centre

Depart, an art quarterly has organized a workshop, patrician “Crossover”, featuring painters from Bangladesh as well as India. The seminar has been widely separated in to dual tools — a initial partial is right away upon during Dhaka Art Centre (DAC), whilst a second partial will be hold in Delhi.

The seminar was inaugurated by house painter Shahabuddin Ahmed upon Dec nineteen during DAC, Dhanmondi. Manzare Hasin Murad, filmmaker as well as a keeper of Dhaka Art Centre; K. Anis Moquit, publishing house of Depart as well as a keeper of Dhaka Art Centre as well as participating artists were benefaction during a initial programme.

Indian curators Sushma K. Bahl, Archana B. Sapra, as well as Bangladeshi artist as well as censor Mustafa Zaman have been conducting a workshop.

The participating Indian artists are: Bhagat Singh, Dilip Sharma, Farhad Hossain, Guru Dev Singh, Jagdish Chintala, Puja Bahri as well as Pragya Jain.

Participating Bangladeshi artists have been Ronni Ahmed, Abdul Halim Chanchal, Abdus Salam, Rafiqul Islam Shuvo, Shornali Mitra Rinni, Anukul Majumdar, Ripon Saha, Manjur Ahmed as well as Wahiduzzaman.

The seminar involves assorted styles as well as techniques together with realism. A series of painters have been emphasising upon pristine forms as well as compositions.

Mustafa Zaman said, “I feel which this muster as well as seminar could work as a informative couple in between artists of India as well as Bangladesh.”

The seminar will go upon compartment Dec 23. After completion, a organiser will prepare a weeklong muster (featuring a outputs of a workshop) during DAC. Mijarul Quayes, secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will establish a muster upon Dec 23. Architect as well as art censor Shamsul Wares will be benefaction as special guest during a opening.

Second partial of a seminar will be hold from Jan fifteen to 20, 2012 in Delhi. The outputs of a seminar will be displayed during Gallery Art Mall in Delhi.

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