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Safiuddin Ahmed has been a renowned printmaker for over 6 decades. Among his repeated themes have been farming landscapes, riverine life, memories of 1971, Language Movement as good as flood. His measureless grant to ? la mode Bangladeshi art over a years has warranted him ubiquitous commend as well.

On Jun 23, a introverted house house house painter incited 89. On a occasion, Bengal Foundation hold a birthday jubilee during a artist’s chateau in Dhanmondi. The jubilee no disbelief cheered a artist who is critically sick during this impulse since of aged age complications.

The birthday jubilee proposed with a house house house painter slicing his birthday cake. Friends, admirers, critics, art enthusiasts as good as well-wishers greeted a house house house painter with flowers, gifts, books, candy as good as placards.

Among others, Chairman of Bengal Foundation, Abul Khair Litu; artists Qayyum Chowdhury, Syed Jahangir, Hashem Khan, Rafiqun Nabi, Samarjit Roy Chowdhury, Monirul Islam, Abdus Shakoor, Abul Barq Alvi, Kanak Chanpa Chakma, Mohammad Iqbal, Maksuda Iqbal Nipa, senior manager ubiquitous of Bengal Foundation, Luva Nahid Chowdhury; senior manager of Bengal Gallery of Fine Arts, Subir Chowdhury; as good as others wished a artist upon his birthday.

Monirul Islam pronounced about his clergyman Safiuddin Ahmed, “Safiuddin Sir is a singular artist in between his contemporaries, who never gave significance to a sale of his paintings. He would take out his paintings from a locker, inspect them as good as repeat a subjects, mending upon them.”

Syed Jahangir said, “As a teacher, Safiuddin was a extensive success. He is contemplative as good as not good with words by nature. He was not a sort to regard any a singular though reason. He did not wish to be concerned in a blurb operation of offered paintings to clients. He would lay as good as weigh his work again as good as again.”

The birthday jubilee enclosed an spontaneous low-pitched programme, featuring Lalon thespian Farida Parvin.

Safiuddin was innate in 1922 in Calcutta (now Kolkata), India. He was a tyro of Calcutta Government School of Art as good as graduated from a hospital in 1942. After a Partition (1947), Safiuddin left Calcutta for Dhaka, as good as got concerned in a transformation to set up a initial art hospital in a afterwards East Pakistan. He was a crony as good as co-worker of Zainul Abedin, a singular of a founders of Dhaka Art College.

Safiuddin is a refined artist. He deliberates over a singular square of work, in poke of perfection.

Some of his superb achievements as a immature artist enclosed a President’s Gold Medal’(1945) by Academy of Fine Arts, Calcutta, initial esteem in a difficulty of black as good as white in International Contemporary Art Exhibition, New Delhi (1946), initial esteem in a difficulty of black as good as white (etching as good as drawing) in Inter-Asian Art Exhibition in New Delhi (1947), Patna Maharaja’s Gold Medal (1947). He is a unapproachable target of a Ekushey Padak as good as Shadhinota Puroshkar.

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