Asaduzzaman Noor provides some-more refurbish upon “Ke Hote Chay Kotipoti”

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At a press contention upon Jun 30, remarkable media luminary as good as horde of a much-talked about “Ke Hote Chay Kotipoti”, Asaduzzaman Noor, supposing serve report upon a diversion show. He usual his personal views upon a uncover as well.

“This is a all ultimate as good as severe knowledge for me,” pronounced Noor. “I am really happy as good as excited,” he added.

Among others, Chief Marketing Officer of Robi, Bidyut Kumar Basu; Deputy Managing Director of Desh TV, Arif Hasan, as good as Moinul Hossain Mukul of Delta Bay were benefaction during a press conference.

The uncover will go upon air from Jul 10 upon Desh TV. Three episodes will be aired any week — Sunday by Tuesday, during 9:45pm.

Desh TV, Delta Bay as good as Red Dot have been operative palm in palm to have a Robi sponsored uncover a grand success.

Noor additionally discussed upon opposite aspects of a show.

Anyone who would be means to answer fifteen questions correctly, upon a prohibited seat, would win Tk 1 crore. For a initial scold answer, a member will win Tk 1000. After that, a esteem income will mount in with any question. After responding 5 questions correctly, a singular can be certain of a initial protected place, by securing Tk 10,000. The second protected place will be cumulative by responding 10 questions correctly, as good as Tk 3,20,000 will be confirmed. Only when a competitor can answer a subject correctly, can he/she go upon to a subsequent round.

There will be 3 lifelines for a competitor — assembly poll, phone a crony as good as 50-50. ‘Phone a friend’ allows a competitor to call a crony for assistance as good as ’50-50′ would discharge dual of a wrong answers from 4 options. A member can operate all 3 lifelines for a singular subject if he/she desires so.

Some episodes will underline luminary contestants, who would benefaction their esteem income to gratification organisations.

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