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Ashraful into the trap of huge punishment

  • This time Mohammed Ashraful, currently not playing in the Bangladesh national Cricket team, is going to endure punishment because of breaching his code of conduct. As reported by the BCB (Bangladesh Cricket Board), he will be fined, because he made a speech in the news media by criticizing the selectors. So far, it’sreported that this fine may come to the amount of Taka about 2 to 3 lacs.

Yesterday evening, Ashraful was summoned to be present before the disciplinary committee of BCB for the hearing of his violating the law. Chief executive officer of board  Monzur Ahmed and chief director of board Sirajuddin Mohammed Alamgir was present in the hearing.

Chief executive acknowledging over the phone the truth of calling Ashraful in the hearing, he said, “we’ve heard Ashraful’s speech and he’s confessed to us that he had done wrong”. Now it’s the responsibility of the disciplinary committee to take action against him according to the importance of his offense.

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