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Asian girls are abused covertly

abuseA recent research work by Muslim Women’s Network of United Kingdom suggests that in most of the cases victims of sexual abuse in the Asian community remains hidden. In many cases Asian men are being prosecuted for abusing white girls. But abuse cases of Asian girls remain behind the door.

Asian girls are mostly abused by the men of same community, in many cases by relatives. The girls are reluctant to report it to the authority. At least thirty five girls of Asian community said they were abused by the men of their own community. But they are still reluctant to bring charge.

The girls are threatened not to disclose the matter. They also usually do not disclose it because of shame and honor of their family. In some cases girls are forced to marry when the abuse case is emerged.

The research report mentioned the case of a girl who was abused by her step father’s brother and his friends. When she developed sexual health problem she was forced to undergo hymen repair surgery and later forced to marry. But she fled from home and now living independently.

The report says, people are so concerned on the abuse of white girl by Asian men, but it’s time to eye on the victims of the Asian community, who are abused by their own community.

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