Assessment of Narendra Modi's governance: A critical analysis by Ashok Modi

Assessment of Narendra Modi’s governance: A critical analysis by Ashok Modi

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In his book, Ashok Modi has given a detailed account with facts and figures of how the people of India suffered as a result of Modi’s demonetization, imposition of VAT, lockdown during the pandemic and his close friendship with millionaires. Adani.

To cover up its failures, the Modi government blamed Muslims for the spread of Covid. While there were 300 million Covid cases, they reported 10 million. There were 900 thousand Covid deaths, they reported 150 thousand. The government also hid the real facts and figures while quoting economic data and created a sham.

Hindutva intellectuals and economists played the role of cheerleaders. Well-known economist Jagdish Bhagwati was also included in these. Rejecting the arguments of critics, he said that India is coming alive. It is not China but India which is witnessing miraculous development under the leadership of Modi.

Overall, citing Sweden-based academic think-tank V-Dem, Modi described the Modi government as an ‘elected autocracy’.

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